Thursday, 29 June 2017

Living the dream

Its been a bloody awful week at work this week. I swing from liking my job to hating it by the day. If I'm honest its not really the work its the people. To be more specific a couple of people. 

Unfortunately they are in a position of power. Although how the fuck they got there i'll never know. I can handle all the other tossers. Because i don't tolerate any crap from people at my level and below. Its just the ones from above that you can't really do anything about and they don't come any higher up than these two twats.

So to help me dream them away i do the lottery. I've been doing the lottery for years now and never won so much as a carrot. But like a idiot I keep on going. I'm buying a dream  I know. I'm not gonna win anything big. And the way things are going I'm gonna need that 69 million pound jackpot just to break even. But I've got it all planned for if i ever do. Ill ring in work the next day to tell them all to fuck off. Buy a  house, car. Holiday....etc. Split the cash with close friends and family. Stick some in a savings account and pension etc. Then spend the rest of my life enjoying giving the rest away to charities. Thats my dream.


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