Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Car or Bus ?

Talk today at work about some sort of points system to decide who will be made redundant.
I feel like i'm in a competition.

Time to lose the car I think. I’m convinced it costs more to go places by bus but I need to get some cash together and dad said I would be better if I didn’t have ‘that bloody thing’ to pay for. I know I have insurance and tax to pay, as well as petrol but have you ever caught a bus nowadays? And it’s not as if they come when you want them to, or go to where you wanna go either.
For me to catch the bus to work I would need to hop on and off two buses. One actually goes in the opposite direction to where I want to be, but I need to go that way just to get on another bus that will stop outside my work.
And the timing of this service is so bad that I have two options. Catch an early bus and be at work over an hour before I need to, or catch a later bus and possibly be 5 minutes late.

Daniel thinks I am going into panic mode. Getting rid of the car when I haven’t even got the sack yet is a bit hasty, but as I give him a lift everywhere and we use it to get about, I think he has a vested interest in me keeping it.


Anonymous said...

Just for consideration, because you're starting to sound a little desperate there.

Have you considered a motor bike, moped or peddle bike, which might save your gym membership fee, if you won't want that for some other purpose, of course . . .

Samad said...

You said it will take you a few more hours of traveling by bus.

Right now, you need more money, instead of time.

Imagine this. If you give up the car, you may be saving additional +300. But you waste two hours everyday.

You could see it this way. You're getting paid extra +300 monthly, for just 2 hours of doing nothing (except sitting on your ass in the bus). To me, that's like the ideal job.

Furthermore, what can you do with those two hours anyway? nothing much. You might as well just bring a book, or mp3 player. Time flies by fast.

If you can reduce more of your expenses, you can have more freedom in finding a job. Because you no longer limit yourself to your current salary or more.

naturgesetz said...

Sounds more like planning mode than panic mode.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

From personal experience, a motorcycle will cost more than the car to run, overall.
A bicycle will save money and tone you up - as long as the route isn't too dangerous!
If Daniel is really worried about his transport, maybe he will go halves on a tandem!
Sorry - i know it's no fun right now. But if you can't laugh, you'd cry - and tears are best kept for the important things.

G =]