Monday, 16 July 2012

Time on my hands

What a surprise a blog post. The first one for 2012. God is it really that long ago?. Well I've got an iPad and thought I would play.

So here's a short update on my life since I last wrote something on here..... nothing... Nothing at all...

There has been absolutely no fucking change in my life whatsoever!!!!!!.

Still got a shitty job, still single, still skint and still bored with my life. But hey that reality isn't it ?. In the real world bugger all happens. I'm slowing down a bit on my going out though. I've gotten a bit bored with the gay scene. I'm told it happens to us all. The next step is to move onto gaydar a bit more when bored, then you wander around toilets for a cheap thrill, before eventually giving up completely and sticking to porn and the right hand.

Not bloody likely. I'm not going that way of the gay world if I can help it. Although I have been on gaydar a bit more often recently. So I suppose that's a bit of a worry. It's to easy, simple. And far to convenient. I dont do Grindr.

Daniel (remember him?) was shagging a student from Manchester up to about a month ago when they split up after the guy rang one night and said he couldn't be bothered traveling all the way over to see him any more. He said that Daniel is welcome to is it him, but it was getting to be a pain going the other way. Nice guy.

My mother is getting a bit batty. She left her car in a car park the other day to go shopping and when she got back it had gone. We rang the police and informed the insurance company before finding out that she had parked the bloody thing on a different level. It hadn't moved a inch from the space she left it in. She just forgot where she had parked it

I was In Halifax on saturday afternoon and where was a tramp sleeping on the floor outside a pub. A guy walked up to him and poured a drink over his head before running off laughing with his mates. Twat!. For the rest of the night I couldn't get this guys actions out of my head. The more I thought about it the more annoyed it makes me feel. Even now it winds me up thinking about it. How can someone do something like that?. The poor guy woke up not knowing where he was or what had happened to him. He was just piss wet through. I dream of punching the bastards lights out.

Anyway. I'm not sure I'm back blogging, but I'll try again later in the week. For now, here's a picture ;-)