Sunday, 27 March 2011

Remember me ?

Just how rude can you get ?.
Blog away for years and then suddenly stop. No explanation, no warning, no goodbye, kiss my ass or anything. Just disappear without a word.

Well i'm sorry about that but stuff happening in the real world has smothered all thoughts of blogging for now. All i know is illness, hospitals, treatment and dancing around the main subject of death. I'm sick of it. It's not something i would wanna read about let alone write. I find TV shows about hospitals sick. It's not entertaining and i can't understand why people would wanna watch something like that. Especially if you have been in a similar situation. It just brings it all back. So sitting at a computer and telling you all the intimate details doesn't seem to be doing it for me for some reason. Nothing to tweet, no pictures worth posting (wanna see inside a hospital ?)

I'm spending very little time at home anyway. I'm back at my parents, sort of. I sometimes stay over and then come home for a couple of nights. My father is having treatment but its making him very ill and he is now on the verge of a major operation. He has Chemo that goes on for 5 days (24/7). It starts to kick in after a couple of days and then he gets ill. When he comes home he is really really ill for about a week. When he eventually seems to have recovered and gets his strength back he's back inside for another shot.
And all this in hope that they can shrink it enough to be able to operate and cut out as much as possible so he can keep going for 5 years, Max. It's not good.

On a personal note. I haven't been out in weeks so have nothing to report there. My sex life is nil and i'm fed up to the back teeth with my job.
(great blog post this isn't it ?)

Anyway this is just a small update to apologise for not writing. But to save any confusion, this blog is now suspended. Maybe i'll be back at some point. Maybe i'll find time to write something interesting. But for the moment i should thank you for passing by.
I'm not dead, i'm just busy. I'm a real person not a fictional character and real people have shit happening every now and then.
Thanks for your patience we value your following and will be back to you as soon as possible.
On Hold.