Sunday, 27 March 2011

Remember me ?

Just how rude can you get ?.
Blog away for years and then suddenly stop. No explanation, no warning, no goodbye, kiss my ass or anything. Just disappear without a word.

Well i'm sorry about that but stuff happening in the real world has smothered all thoughts of blogging for now. All i know is illness, hospitals, treatment and dancing around the main subject of death. I'm sick of it. It's not something i would wanna read about let alone write. I find TV shows about hospitals sick. It's not entertaining and i can't understand why people would wanna watch something like that. Especially if you have been in a similar situation. It just brings it all back. So sitting at a computer and telling you all the intimate details doesn't seem to be doing it for me for some reason. Nothing to tweet, no pictures worth posting (wanna see inside a hospital ?)

I'm spending very little time at home anyway. I'm back at my parents, sort of. I sometimes stay over and then come home for a couple of nights. My father is having treatment but its making him very ill and he is now on the verge of a major operation. He has Chemo that goes on for 5 days (24/7). It starts to kick in after a couple of days and then he gets ill. When he comes home he is really really ill for about a week. When he eventually seems to have recovered and gets his strength back he's back inside for another shot.
And all this in hope that they can shrink it enough to be able to operate and cut out as much as possible so he can keep going for 5 years, Max. It's not good.

On a personal note. I haven't been out in weeks so have nothing to report there. My sex life is nil and i'm fed up to the back teeth with my job.
(great blog post this isn't it ?)

Anyway this is just a small update to apologise for not writing. But to save any confusion, this blog is now suspended. Maybe i'll be back at some point. Maybe i'll find time to write something interesting. But for the moment i should thank you for passing by.
I'm not dead, i'm just busy. I'm a real person not a fictional character and real people have shit happening every now and then.
Thanks for your patience we value your following and will be back to you as soon as possible.
On Hold.


drew said...

I don't know what to say. Please accept my sincere hope that you and your father and mother get through these tough times. I know this is a blog but I always saw you as a real person, not something fictional. We will be here in case you want to talk. Sorry for the tough times..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Real life is never easy. Best of wishes for you and your family.

david said...

i feel your pain... ive been worried about you... im sorry your dad has to go through this and also for you and your mum....


Vilges Suola said...

Sorry to hear everything's so very shitty, Michael. Look after thissen, owd lad.

Kemptoo said...

My thoughts are with you at this time.

Be strong.

MadeInScotland said...

Hang in there. Last summer we got a call from the hospital at 6am telling us to hurry there, as my mother had deteriorated after her bowel cancer op.

We had bad news, bad times, but she has recovered, it hopefully all clear and very positive.



Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Never feel bad about taking time off from your blog. People realize that sometimes you just have to get away from it and deal with the all the shit that can pop up in day-to-day life. I went through the same thing you're going through with my brother. We'll be here when you are ready to blog again.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michael, I am so sorry.

I've got similar problems, the old dear is going doolally and the old fella keeps getting these carcinogenic lesions on his face.

You are a good lad for going back to support them.
There's not much more can be said, good luck and maybe just remember,
"When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle"

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Anonymous said...

Hey so sorry to hear of your dad's health problems...I can relate my dad recently passed away after a long struggle w/ cancer ..i'm so terribly sorry my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family...take it one day at a time will get better I promise you...stay strong and let us know when you're ready how things are going for you and your mom.

naturgesetz said...

Michael, I'm sorry I was away when you posted this and only got back today, and I hope you'll at least check in and read this, along with the timelier comments.

Your decision to suspend the blog is perfectly understandable. I hope all will go as well as possible for your dad. I also hope things will go well for you in the other areas of your life.

I'll continue to be a follower in hopes that you'll make the occasional post to let us know of any significant developments, and eventually perhaps even to resume posing frequently.

Thanks for spending the time you have on this blog to let us get to know and love you.

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Jason Shaw said...

Hey, I know you've got stuff going on, but I just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you. All the best mate.

Seth said...

Hi! It's Sethboyardee here. Sorry to be rude and drop this comment here a bit selfish of me, and completely off subject - but I've recently returned to blog land after being killed by Google and was hoping you could mention me, follow me, and especially link to me.


Also I will be rebuilding my link list so let me know if I can reciproacte. Thanks again!!

Have a good one!p