Thursday, 21 April 2011

Updated and return ?

Well I'm still here. The operation has taken place and my dad is currently very ill, but recovering, so that's a good thing. I can't be arsed to go into all the details. Suffice to say the fact that they operated in the first place is a good sign. All we need to do now is wait and hope.

Work is very quiet, But that could be something to do with the weather being so hot. It feels like it's the middle of the summer and it's only April.

Here in the UK it's a Bank holiday weekend and i'm getting four glorious days off work for Easter. Then i go back for three days and we getter another 4 days off again for the royal wedding on Friday 29th and Monday 2nd May May day. (whatever that is supposed to celebrate ?)

Anyway i need to take my mind off things so i'm gonna be out this weekend and i'm gonna get pissed as usual. I know that might sound terrible to anyone who doesn't understand our drinking culture in the UK. But i don't mean i'm gonna end up throwing bricks at a pensioners windows and chucking up in someones back garden. I just mean i'm gonna make merry and let my hair down a bit.
Daniel has just finished with another Boyfriend so he'll be up for it as well.
I'm gonna stop calling them boyfriends from now on. It's just someone he sleeps with and finds out later he has nothing in common with. I'm gonna implement a 6 month rule. Unless he stays with them for at least six months they are just a shag or a mate.

My love life is none existent, I've been nowhere and done nothing. So you've not missed nowt. I nearly wanked myself to death. I've gone through a full box of man size tissues.  However the upside to not going anywhere means i've spent nothing either. I've never had so much dosh in my bank account. Bloody hell, show me the way to Thomas Cook and let's book another holiday.
Actually as i type this i'm thinking i might just do that LOL. Must talk to Daniel about it later...

Anyway i shall return to intermittent blogging for a bit. When i have something worth writing about mind you.
Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, and support, it was much appreciated. Now let's change the subject. I'm sick of hearing the word Cancer it's fucking boring. Let's thinking of better things. (see below)


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're back on line and the news of your dad is better. Given your plans for the weekend, seems you have not forgotten how to enjoy yourself. Sorry I can't be there to buy you a pint or three. Take care - Peter-D in the south of France.

drew said...

I am sure you need a big break so let the party begin. Hope things continue to progress with your Dad. Spend some of that loot!!

naturgesetz said...

Michael, I'm delighted to see another post from you!

And pretty much good news all around.

I love the idea of you and Daniel going somewhere on holiday. Keep saving the pennies and you can have a great trip. There is so much interesting stuff in the world!

Mambam said...

Thanks chaps, Nice to hear from you again also