Saturday, 24 October 2009

Time Out

This blog is suspended for the time being.
I'm far to busy even for 5 minutes of blogging.
But as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said "I'll be back !" probably next month some time. Stick me on hold.
Thanks for looking in. I might post some proper pictures next time.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Consumer advice

Posting is gonna be a bit intermittent with this blog for a few weeks. It's full steam ahead on moving to my new house.
The most important thing for me is the Internet and telly. But unfortunately this bloody house has no frigging phone line. Apparently the previous owner had cable fitted so when BT came to replace the line for everyone down the street they didn't bother with this house.
This means i must change my Internet connection to Virgin or pay £120 to have a new line connected (10 days) then have my current AOL net switch over (another 10 days)
Virgin can turn me on new Thursday and are cheaper. So why am i bothered ?. Well you get used to what you know don't you ?. I sort of like AOL. and i also like the option of having a BT line should i want to swap over (we have BT Broadband at work and i think it's shit).
Anyone know if Virgin are any good ?, would you switch ?.

I am trying to recruit Daniel into helping me. I need someone who is handy with a paint brush or at least a sweeping brush. At the moment he's having none of it. Bribery and corruption are needed here. I have a photograph of him pretending to kiss another fella on Friday night, i'm sure Howard would like to see it. I hope i don't accidentally send it to him (LOL). I wouldn't of course but i keep waving in front of Daniel as i ask him if he'll come over the odd night and splash paint around with me.

I had a call from an anonymous person on my mobile today. I didn't manage to get to it quick enough so it rang off. I didn't recognise the number so rang back.
'what did you want ?' i said "nothing it was a wrong number, now fuck off !" came the reply before cutting me off. Charming.

Got a text message from Steve whilst i was out on Saturday night, it read "Meet me at 2 o'clock, i'm feeling horny and wanna fuck someones brains out". I assume he was pissed because Horny was spelt "huny" and fuck was spelt "fulck". I didn't meet him at 2 o'clock because (A) he forgot to mention where he was, and (B) it was twenty past three when i got it.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


It's 8.30 on a Saturday and i'm still not out yet. Unusual for me, i'm waiting for Daniel to come round. He's having a pow wow with Howard and won't be round till after the X Factor (bloody rubbish). But that isn't over till ten o'clock so sod that, i'm gonna meet him somewhere. He came home pissed last night and they made up (surprise surprise) a few drinks and Daniel gets all lovey.

I saw Ian today and he said that Steve was asking about me. He said that if we were out tonight we should try meet up with them. I said i couldn't cos i'm out with Daniel. Knowing full well that i will be steering Daniel towards this particular pub when i eventually drink far to much to control myself.

The neighbour from hell was sitting outside having a fag when i came home, we didn't speak as usual, just giving each other the evil eye, then his wife opened the door, whacked him on the head with a tray and shut the door again like nothing happened.
I was pissing myself laughing as i got into my flat. I love her and hate him.

Right, that's it for now, drinkies on the menu ....;-)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Missing Post

I didn’t post yesterday for the first time since I started this blog.
It’s not like nothing happened, I just didn’t have time to blog about it that's all.

After work I went for a meal with a couple of people I work with and then I met my dad to have a look around my new house (yes I’ve decided to buy it) and get my head around the idea that I’m gonna have to pick up a paint brush at some point when it eventually becomes mine officially and do a bit of work fixing it up.
I’m ok at the moment, but when this happens I think I will have to suspend this blog for a month or so, at least until I have time to write stuff on a more regular basis. I don’t see the point in a Diary or blog if it’s done half arsed. It’s either on or off.
I’ll be honest, my priorities are probably all wrong anyway. Until I get the Internet and Sky TV fitted I’m not moving anywhere. I don’t care if the walls and floors are falling in as long as I have my computer and can get on the web. It can look like a palace, but if I don’t have a telly I’m staying where I am LOL.
Anyway for now and for tonight I’m back in my little flat getting ready for a blast around Mancs.

No Howard, just me and Daniel, (they are still not talking) so it will be like old times. I’m sick of taking safety precautions by carrying a small selection of condoms, only to wake up next morning and finding them still in the packet all squashed and unused in a scrunched up pile of Bank notes and loose change on my bedside table because I haven’t found any one to use them on.
I’m on the prowl tonight. Cruising for some fun. One last blast before I join the rat race and have a mortgage wrapped around my shoulders.
I invited Ryan over for a night out if he was interested, the boys on Canal Street would have loved him. He just blushed and said no thanks. I don’t think he has been out of Halifax before. A night in the Big City would probably turn his head.
In fact if you saw him you would agree it would be him that would be turning heads. Fuck me he’s fit.
He doesn’t even go drinking in his own town, so travelling over here is off. Perhaps it’s for the better. If he had any idea how attractive he was he’d probably get all cocky and disappear up his own arse.
Best keep him in the dark about it all. Saying that, he would be the type of guy you would want to keep the lights on with.
I must stop this line of thought, he’s not gay, he’s 17 and I just work with him.

Anyways in 60 minutes time I will be in a pub enjoying myself. So time to get off.
Have a nice weekend all. Don’t do anyone I wouldn’t do.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Strange Porn

Had a call from Daniel tonight asking if i'm interested in going out. But by the time i got home it was too late, i didn't feel like it.
He and Howard have had a tiff. They had a bit of fun with some bondage play and Howard slapped him on the arse too hard LOL !. It left a red mark and that's that last time Daniel is ever doing that again. Ha!. I nearly pissed myself. It's happened before. Daniel likes the idea better than the reality. He's all adventurous until it comes down to it and then he goes off the idea. He likes the idea of rimming someone. But to actually do it in real life would make him sick.

I once had a similar problem. I'm not into any pain whatsoever. Giving or receiving. This guy tweaked my nipples so hard i nearly punched him in the face. It fucking killed. I asked him what he did that for and he said he was sorry, he just got a bit carried away. I have also had someone slap my arse as well. That bloody hurt as well. If i unexpectedly spit in your face during sex i'm sure you wouldn't like it, so why assume you can suddenly assault me whilst having a shag ?.
Anyway Daniel and Howard are not talking for the moment and he wanted to come round and watch the England match with me. Neither of us are that interested in football so we just sat slagging people off and stuffing our faces with Pizza. Neither of us has been to the gym for a while. That's gone by the board again.
I got out some new porn that Ian let me have. One of the copies turned out to be straight. It was a group gang bang in a pub with two of the ugliest women i have ever seen having sex with the ugliest looking men i have ever set eyes on as well.
We both were sat transfixed. It was a bit like car crash porn. It was so bad you couldn't turn it off. In the end we both agreed that apart from it being heterosexual porn, the main problem with this DVD was that everyone in it was normal. No young attractive slim beautiful porn actors. These were the type you would actually see in a pub or shopping at ASDA. Pot bellies, hairy backs, spotty arses, socks, grubby underwear and all.

I like a bit of realism but this just went to far. One guy actually stopped for a sneeze in the middle of his shag and then carried on again. LOL.
weird stuff indeed. Perhaps i just like my porn to be fantasy. This could have been filmed up the road and i half expected my dad to walk past in the background and as Reg for a pint of Carlsberg

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Had a really long day today. I nearly didn't post anything in fact. In 10 minutes time i'll be in bed hard on. That's a northern expression by the way for been fast asleep. Nothing sexual, i'm too tired for that, well maybe a quickie just to send me off to sleep.
Day two of my new job and it's heads down, and zone in on the work at hand. Actually the day flys by when you are busy, but it's mentally tiring. Driving for two hours a day doesn't help.
On my way home tonight i saw a guy in the next lane shouting into a blue tooth headset. No idea what he was saying but whoever was on the other end was getting it, i know how he feels.

I'm not a fan of driving, maybe if i had a big flash car it would be ok, but sitting in my smelly little banger isn't the same. Turning the heater up when it gets cold, then having to turn it down again 60 seconds later because it's suddenly like a sauna. CDs all over the passenger seat and almost crashing the car searching for a mint in the glove box. white van man driving up my arse and some toss pot overtaking on the inside or pulling into a space you are keeping in front of you to keep your distance from the driver in front. Traffic jams for what seems to be no reason whatsoever. One minute your at a standstill, the next minute we all start moving again. No traffic lights or roadworks, just nothing in front. Why did we stop and get all jammed up like that ?

Huge advertisement posters that have half naked models on them to distract you from the road and almost drive up the arse of the car in front. and even though it's a new journey i have done that thing where you seem to go on automatic pilot for certain parts of the drive.
I must have gone over that flyover but i don't remember it. My mind was somewhere else and i just sort of did. Scary really.

I can't see me doing this for long. I'm moving closer to work one way or another.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Brave New World

I feel knackered, but i need to post today just to wind down. And what a momentous day this has been. Well for me anyway. I think it will be boring to read about so I’ll whip through the highlights.
Went to see about a mortgage to buy a house. I can have one, and I can (just about)afford it so I’ll speak to my parents and will make a decision this week.
Drove for an hour in crap traffic and started my new job this morning, then an hour home in the same shite traffic to get back again, so the moving home option is a good one.

I might try a different journey tomorrow though or perhaps start earlier and work a bit later to avoid the rush hour.
Anyway it seemed quite nice. There are four of us in the office (excluding the boss)

Kath is an oldish lady, quite small and petite, prim and proper, posh and ladylike. I can’t see me exchanging many fart jokes with her.

Duncan is in his 40s, and the stereotypical sales rep come office comedian. He actually says things like ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘ball park figure”. But he also makes his own shit ones up like “let’s kick some ideas around and see if we can score some goals with it”…what the fuck ?.

Jean is a tall plain looking woman in her 30s who wears no makeup and has hair that looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards. She wears cloths that make her look frumpy, is obviously a very clean person, but seems to have given up on trying to impress anyone . She is in work cloths, not on a catwalk and there is obviously no-one in the vicinity she cares to impress. But I’m pretty sure she would look stunning with a bit of effort because she is actually very attractive. Shes funny and nice to work with so that’s the most important bit.

David is about 50, bald, plump, wears thick glasses, rosey cheeks, bad teeth and on the verge of looking scruffy. Imagine the stereotype image of a pedophile and that is David's look. He isn’t though….i don’t think.
He is actually a very nice and very clever man. However he seems to have problems translating his intelligence into words. I think he’s shy or nervous around people, He can’t talk without stuttering gibberish, You have a fair idea what he is talking about but he's like a child trying to blurt it all out all at once. You just wanna tell him to slow down, think about what he wants to say then start again. If you didn’t know him you’d think he was a bit thick. He sounds it. But 5 minutes in and you realise he’s the cleverest person in the room.
A typical question from David would go as follows. “can you…? er, can you take the, er that, can you take this here up this take this file to, can you take this file er this file up to the er, ……… no it’s ok come to think of it, I’ll take it I need to speak to him myself”
Eh !!?
Lovely man though.

And then there is Ryan. He is a little cutie. (I'm ashamed i wrote that word. I hated it when people used that phrase on me so i shouldn't with him). He's 17 (las friday) and is the office Junior. Can blush at the drop of a hat, is as shy as they come and has absolutely no idea ! that he is drop dead gorgeous and could probably pull woman, man, animal or vegtable if he wanted to. Blond hair (ish, more mousy really), blue eyes ( or green, i'm not sure yet), slim, perfect teeth, you name it, a twink lovers wet dream. But shy as hell, no girlfriend, doesn't drink, never goes out, sits in his bedroom listening to music and playing computer games all night. There is something about attractive people who don't know it. For some reason it makes them even more attractive. Just like Attractive people who do know it, can suddenly become ugly.

According to Jean, who knows his mum, when he gets home from work he has his tea, then disappears up into his bedroom and doesn't re appear again until work again the next morning. Weekends he spends in bed, and he has about 3 friends who are all the same.
When girls flirt he doesn't notice and if you point it out he blushes. No mention of whether he is gay or not, but why assume that someone is gay because they don't show enough attention to women ?. Sometime people are genuinely shy. His eyes are so clear and beautiful i can't imagine spending all the time watching telly can effect your eyesight that much.
As much as i think he's lovely, he's a bit too boyish for my liking. He is 17 i suppose, i imagine he is still going through the sticky bedsheets phase. LOL.

And that is my new world in a nutshell people. We will have to see how things develop. I'm not sure i like the traveling already, but beggars can't be choosers.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Manchester by night

Aren't people who frequent the Internet weird ?. I was reading a piece about the sad death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gatley before i started to type this, Most of the comments below the news were from guys arguing about whether he was Irish or British. "MArk, go out and buy an Atlas. Ireland is neither a part of the UK nor a part of Great Britain. IT has been an independent country since 1921.Boyzone are Irish.apart from idiots here not knowing basic world geography.... blah blah"
It made me laugh. I was never a fan of Boyzone but he's just fuckin died!. I imagine a groups of old acid queens sitting at a funeral complaining about the wrong kind of flowers. (by the way Boyzone are Irish)

Anyway on to my weekend. Went out with Daniel and Howard last night. It was a great night until Daniel had too much to drink and got all maudlin about me moving away.
I thought he was gonna cry at one point and he sounded one step away from that "your my best mate you are" thing that drunks do.
I reminded him that I'm not moving to the other end of the earth and i would be coming back. Plus, he can come over to see me as well.
But as neither he nor Howard have a car at the moment there seems a slim chance that will happen. And it also seem hypocritical of me to be saying all that considering how dithery i have been about moving away for exactly the same reasons. Anyway, he was sick and he went into a coma so we dragged him into a taxi legs first and took him home.

To top things off i saw Jack as we waited for the taxi. He didn't see me, he was with a group of guys. I could have called out and said hi, but i decided to let it go and ignore him.
Besides we were all distracted by the fattest women in the world wearing the smallest dress known to man. It was straining at the seams and I'm convinced that should she have sat down the whole fucking thing would have popped like a balloon, leaving her starkers to the world. The only people who should wear tight things are those with tight bodies to go with them. I spied plenty of them last night. Fucking freezing, in t shirts, Brilliant !.

One guy stood next to us who looked attractive from a distance, but when he got close he stunk of sweat. Not nice fresh sweat, that three days old stuff that reeks. He had a tattoo of Homer Simpson on his shoulder and an earring that had the words "hot cock" on it.
The things you see in Manchester sometimes.

I once overheard someone say that the worst tattoo they had ever seen was on a guys arse. It was a British bulldog cartoon complete with German helmet and carrying a riffle. The gun was pointing towards the arsehole and a large speech balloon was coming out of the dogs mouth which said "come on out, we know your in there"

Saturday, 10 October 2009

To Buy or not to Buy

I'm hit with a little quandary today.
I have been given the opportunity to BUY a house. Apart from all the question marks hanging over whether i will actually like this new job or not. The offer is a good one.
A woman friend of my Mum is selling her mothers house. She died earlier in the year and wants rid of it because she her self has moved abroad. It's been on sale since February now and she has lowered and lowered the price with no success. It's in Halifax and as she knows my mum so i'm first in the queue if i want it and she is prepared to sell to me at a stupid price because i'm a first time buyer and there would be no chain.

It would probably skin me to the bone to do it and i'll be taking my bills to the extreme, but on the other hand This is a massive offer too good to miss on a proper house and will be something that is mine. Before you start thinking why buy when you can rent ?. This place has a proper garage and garden, two bedrooms and a box room office. It's more of a family home really and far too big for me. But the price is a stunner and it's only because she is a friend of my mums and she is looking for a quick sale. "Never mind buying it to live in, this would be worth buying just to sell on" said my dad. I need to decide this week if i want it though so she can go back to France.
At the moment it's the only reason she comes back to the UK, to sort out her dead mothers estate.
I spoke to my fabulous new boss and asked him if i could arrange a long lunch one day next week to sort this out and he told me to arrange something for Monday. Which considering i haven't even started yet and i'm already asking for time off is a good omen for me, if not him.

This is all far to sensible for me, but i need to at least look into it. I have an appointment with a pensions advisor on Monday and he may say i have no chance of borrowing that kind of dosh, but if he does i'm still unsure whether i want to do this or not.
Have lots of money and live in rent. Or have no money and buy what looks like a lovely house at a snip ?.
Things are moving too fast, but it's all exciting i suppose. For me anyway, even if it's not for you.
Don't worry i'll get back to the descriptions of drunken sex again when i get chance LOL

Friday, 9 October 2009

More about Steve

I don't feel too bad today.
I woke up really early though, which is unusual for me. Then i went over to where i will be working from next week. It took me a bloody hour to get there by the way, which is a little scary when you think it wasn't rush hour.
Anyway i didn't do any work but i had a coffee with the boss and he showed me round.
I just sort of nodded at people and said hello to most of them, I was only there for about an hour, i'll learn more next week.
I met one guy called David from the warehouse. He was a bit weird, i'm not sure he was all there. The lights were on but no one was home if you get my meaning.
He told me about a health insurance policy he had just taken out (as if i'm interested) and said, without any sense of irony or humour "even if i fell into a mincing machine i would be ok, i'm completely covered", that's nice to know i suppose when they bury you as a sausage.

Talking of sausages, i remembered a bit more about the other night with that Steve bloke. I promise i am not making this up, but he had a sausage that he called Derek ! Let me repeat that last sentence for you just in case you think you misread it. He had a SAUSAGE that he called Derek. It was on a fence outside his house. He had cooked it during a barbecue and no one ate it, so he stuck it in a condom, drew a face on it in felt tip and pricked it on a nail by the door.
Whenever he left the house or came home again he always said hello to Derek and insisted that anyone visiting do the same.
Derek was now looking more like a condom full of shit to be honest but he still waved at Derek and told me to wave as well. The man is a nutter, but very funny.
Saying that i think he might be a bit of a thug, there was a mobile Phone sticking out of the wall in his bedroom, he threw it in a rage one day and it stuck in the plasterboard. It's been there ever since.

He uses the "C" word constantly. C**t is the new fuck i think. But it's not said for effect. It's as if it's just a normal word for him. When there is just you and him it seems to go over your head and doesn't really register, but when there is someone else around it stands out like a sore thumb and you wanna tell him to lower his voice a bit. He speaks really loudly and can talk across people winning any battle for attention in a conversation.
In the bedroom hes like an animal, he doesn't do any of the kissy kissy stuff, it's just gratuity and if i'm honest a bit sinister at times. The expression on his face isn't that of someone making love, it's more like a murderer in the middle of a kill. But the big turn on for me (and this is a confession) was the fact that he was very verbal. No silence and what you into crap. He knew what he wanted and whilst he was doing it was telling you what he would also like to do to you if he manages to get round to it. There was a few of those things that i insisted he didn't even think about doing, but he just laughed and said he was playing.

Drugs are involved and that obviously has something to do with it. He is Bisexual so i don't really know what the score is with him or if i'll ever see him again. When he left he told me he might come over to see me sometime with his "bird".
I know i should really see this as a one off and move on, but if i'm honest he is quite interesting and exciting. It's purely sexual and nothing to do with relationships etc. But i'm still thinking about him even now.
If i rang him up for all i know he might just tell me to piss off.

Anyways it's Friday so i'm out tonight with Daniel and Howard. Time to get wrecked again ;-)

Thursday, 8 October 2009


For every up there is a down. I'm suffering the down today...........

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Playing with the Bad Boys

Idle hands make something something something for the devil..... what is that saying now ?.
I don't know, but it more or less means that if you have nothing to do your gonna be naughty.
I can't explain all my activities over the past 24 hours for legal reasons but lets just say i wouldn't tell my mum.
All i need to do now is appear in a porn movie, get gang banged by a group of black men and win the lottery then all my dreams and fantasy's will have been fulfilled.
Not really, but you get the idea. I know i should write about it, but best not.

And i still have Thursday and Friday to go yet. Ian is a bad influence. His mate Steve is even worse. Steve is 28 and fit as a butchers dog as my dad would say. He will shag anything that moves, take any drug offered and talk the hind legs off a donkey (another of my dads sayings)
I just spent some time with this dodgy character and I'm pretty sure it's best i steer clear of him in future. What i will say is that he has a really hard toned body, and has never heard of the phrase 'make love'. to him sex is a four letter word that starts with an F and ends in a K.
Why am i attracted to dodgy fellas ? a sense of danger in my otherwise boring life.
I always play safe, but nothing is safe really is it ?.
This guy swings both ways and likes to splash it all over.

Too much information i hear you say. I'm slightly drunk and i need to go to bed now before i turn this post into unnecessary gratuity.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Having it off

I think i could really get into this not working lark.
I got up at 1pm today and i feel all refreshed. I have a week off but nothing planned. This is when Jack would have come in handy. As it is, its me cummin in my own handy.

Daytime TV is shit so there is no point in staying in. I'm not doing up my house, cooking or wanting to sell antiques so i don't see anything worth watching.
I have decided to go out this afternoon. I'm gonna visit everyone in know and like by tonight, whether they are in or not. I'm sure they won't like it because i never do when someone turns up unannounced, but i'm only popping in to say hello.
Ian will be around this afternoon (he doesn't work) so i'll go there first.
I just hope none of his druggy friends are around again. If i hadn't been so lazy i could have met Rachel for lunch, but i was in the land of nod. Sometimes bed is a wonderful place. If it's cold out and raining outside and your warm and snuggled up in bed drifting in and out of consciousness it's bliss.
I never want to go to bed at night, but when it's morning i never wanna get up.
How these people manage to wake up and get up almost instantly is beyond me. I could get up, have a shower, dress and have breakfast. And still climb back into bed and go to sleep.

I once tried jumping out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. I was nearly sick. i felt terrible. i had to have a lie down again just to get my balance back LOL.
Anyways i'm rambling now.
Off to Ians....Laters everyone.

Monday, 5 October 2009


I have been asked to leave. No point in working to the end of the week
"i would prefer it if you fucked off now mate". Charming!. I'm happy though, as long as i'm paid till the end of the week i don't care.
I rang the new place straight away and asked them if they wanted me sooner, he said it would be best if i waited until next week to start (Monday). So that means i have a paid week off.
Hurrah !
Now i know that means i should probably been sorting things and getting ready for next week, But balls to all that. Next week will be when i'm up to my eyes in it. This week is party time.
I have had the afternoon off and am bored sitting in already.
What dirty deeds can i get up to tonight ?.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Gay Groups

I had an email from someone last night, sending me the address of the local Gay support group for when i move. Which was a nice thing to do but not something I would be interested in.

If you are a member of one of these support groups you might not want to read this next bit, and I apologise before hand for my comments.
A couple of years ago in my coming out phase I toyed with the idea of going to one of these meetings to get to know people. I didn‘t have the guts to go through with it but in the bumf i read on the net it said that after the meeting they all usually went on to a certain pub for a couple of drinks afterwards to socialise and get to know people more, and anyone interested was welcome to join them.
So I went for a drink in the same pub at the same time to observe and see what they would be like.

All I could see was a man with a beard in a anorak, two extremely camp guys laughing loudly, two lesbians holding hands and three bald men in their sixties wearing suits. I can’t say they were all part of the group and perhaps they didn’t bother going to the pub this particular night so none of them were actually members, but if put me off completely. I wanted people I could relate to, not this lot. It was like the Adams Family.
I know that is insulting to a group of people who are doing their best to help others, but it’s how I felt at the time.

It's a bit like going on a blind date. Much better to meet people naturally in my mind. I'll either meet them myself or i won't.
Besides even getting my end away and finding totty is currently at the back of my mind at the moment.

And i never thought i would ever hear myself say that !.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Searching for somewhere to live

Now that it's all systems go i went over to have a look at some places that are up for rent. My mum & dad came with me for advice and we spent a weird morning driving round places judging whether the area was suitable of scruffy.
Suddenly your being judgmental of people. The building might look ok, but suddenly someone walks past who looks like a tramp and puts you off. litter on the pavement is a bad omen and a burnt out car with kids jumping up and down on it is another (i made the last one up of course).

I did manage to look at one place that seemed ok on the outside, but derelict on the inside. Then one that looked derelict on the outside and ok in.
I know from this flat that i live in now that its nothing really anything to do with the place itself. "it's all cosmetic" as my dad said. "nothing a lick of paint or a good tidy round won't fix". It's the neighbours that make a place worth living in. My neighbour from hell below is testament to that. I've only just got him trained now. We have a sort of understanding. I stay out of his way and he stays out of mine. We tolerate each other and that is fine by me. I just want someone quiet who will wave and say hello to me when passing. I don't want them knocking on my door or inviting me in. I just want a friendly stranger that's all.

There is a large Pakistani or Indian area in Halifax. It's a bit like Bradford and although its ok during the day i'm told it's a bit of a no go area at night. But then i spoke to a Pakistani man and he told me about a predominantly BNP type area of white people that is exactly the same, ok during the day, but you would want to go for a stroll through it at night.
It's early days but i'm looking.

One funny thing happened, It was windy today and when my mum came out of a shop her dress blew up revealing her knickers for a few seconds. Both she and i found it hilarious because there were a couple of teenage boys sat on a wall outside who saw it and they looked shocked. My father was mortified and telling her to cover herself up. Him being disgusted and embarrassed made it seem even funnier. All my mum could say was "it's a good job i had 'em on today isn't it?"

Friday, 2 October 2009

I know this will offend some of you but....

This caught my eye when surfing the net last night, and instead of thinking how terrible it was i actually made up my own fantasy from it and had a good wank. Is it bad of me ?. should i really be thinking pervy thoughts about such a serious thing like this ?.
I'm ashamed. Fantasy and reality are poles apart but i genuinely looked up on google maps to see where it is for future reference. How bad am i ?. I'm not even sure i should be blogging about things like this. But in my defence i was the victim not the perpetrator in the fantasy wank.
Reading that back it doesn't really make it sound any better does it ?. Perhaps i should keep some of my pervy thoughts to myself in future LOL.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The secrets out

Spoke to Daniel and Howard last night over a couple of pints. Howard was very positive and happy for me, but i thought Daniel spent most of the time pointing out the down side of things.
But that's him all over. If you are on your arse Daniel can be a brilliant person to have around, he can be really positive and point out all the good things in your life, make you feel good about yourself and steer you in the right direction by getting you up off the floor. But when you have made up your mind and have a positive thing you are gonna do, he goes the other way and points out all the things you should be careful of. He's negative when you are positive and positive when you are negative. It's fucking annoying sometimes.
I spoke to the boss today about leaving. It went down like a lead balloon. "Oh Fucking brilliant! Thank you very much!, that really helps that does" was the reply. I'm not sure i will last the end of the week. The guy has been a real tosser today and i don't get the impression i will be taking any kind of reference with me anyway.
His wife wasn't in today so she will find out tonight when he gets home i assume. I work with her more than him so i wonder how she's gonna be tomorrow ?.