Monday, 12 October 2009

Brave New World

I feel knackered, but i need to post today just to wind down. And what a momentous day this has been. Well for me anyway. I think it will be boring to read about so I’ll whip through the highlights.
Went to see about a mortgage to buy a house. I can have one, and I can (just about)afford it so I’ll speak to my parents and will make a decision this week.
Drove for an hour in crap traffic and started my new job this morning, then an hour home in the same shite traffic to get back again, so the moving home option is a good one.

I might try a different journey tomorrow though or perhaps start earlier and work a bit later to avoid the rush hour.
Anyway it seemed quite nice. There are four of us in the office (excluding the boss)

Kath is an oldish lady, quite small and petite, prim and proper, posh and ladylike. I can’t see me exchanging many fart jokes with her.

Duncan is in his 40s, and the stereotypical sales rep come office comedian. He actually says things like ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘ball park figure”. But he also makes his own shit ones up like “let’s kick some ideas around and see if we can score some goals with it”…what the fuck ?.

Jean is a tall plain looking woman in her 30s who wears no makeup and has hair that looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards. She wears cloths that make her look frumpy, is obviously a very clean person, but seems to have given up on trying to impress anyone . She is in work cloths, not on a catwalk and there is obviously no-one in the vicinity she cares to impress. But I’m pretty sure she would look stunning with a bit of effort because she is actually very attractive. Shes funny and nice to work with so that’s the most important bit.

David is about 50, bald, plump, wears thick glasses, rosey cheeks, bad teeth and on the verge of looking scruffy. Imagine the stereotype image of a pedophile and that is David's look. He isn’t though….i don’t think.
He is actually a very nice and very clever man. However he seems to have problems translating his intelligence into words. I think he’s shy or nervous around people, He can’t talk without stuttering gibberish, You have a fair idea what he is talking about but he's like a child trying to blurt it all out all at once. You just wanna tell him to slow down, think about what he wants to say then start again. If you didn’t know him you’d think he was a bit thick. He sounds it. But 5 minutes in and you realise he’s the cleverest person in the room.
A typical question from David would go as follows. “can you…? er, can you take the, er that, can you take this here up this take this file to, can you take this file er this file up to the er, ……… no it’s ok come to think of it, I’ll take it I need to speak to him myself”
Eh !!?
Lovely man though.

And then there is Ryan. He is a little cutie. (I'm ashamed i wrote that word. I hated it when people used that phrase on me so i shouldn't with him). He's 17 (las friday) and is the office Junior. Can blush at the drop of a hat, is as shy as they come and has absolutely no idea ! that he is drop dead gorgeous and could probably pull woman, man, animal or vegtable if he wanted to. Blond hair (ish, more mousy really), blue eyes ( or green, i'm not sure yet), slim, perfect teeth, you name it, a twink lovers wet dream. But shy as hell, no girlfriend, doesn't drink, never goes out, sits in his bedroom listening to music and playing computer games all night. There is something about attractive people who don't know it. For some reason it makes them even more attractive. Just like Attractive people who do know it, can suddenly become ugly.

According to Jean, who knows his mum, when he gets home from work he has his tea, then disappears up into his bedroom and doesn't re appear again until work again the next morning. Weekends he spends in bed, and he has about 3 friends who are all the same.
When girls flirt he doesn't notice and if you point it out he blushes. No mention of whether he is gay or not, but why assume that someone is gay because they don't show enough attention to women ?. Sometime people are genuinely shy. His eyes are so clear and beautiful i can't imagine spending all the time watching telly can effect your eyesight that much.
As much as i think he's lovely, he's a bit too boyish for my liking. He is 17 i suppose, i imagine he is still going through the sticky bedsheets phase. LOL.

And that is my new world in a nutshell people. We will have to see how things develop. I'm not sure i like the traveling already, but beggars can't be choosers.


Paul said...
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Paul said...

so now you have an hour's bad journey each way. surely that's better than the whole day at your old place? And once you've got your own place you can rent a room to Ryan. I'm glad it went well though, I spared you a thought this morning

vilges suola said...

Well they sound like good blog material, anyway. You are older than the cute twink, always have been, always will be. This feeling will become increasingly familiar.

Mambam said...

You are right two hours of bordem is better than a full day of it.
Must find some better in car entertainment though. Radio one was crap.

Thanks for that, i am now officially old

drew said...

Can you add satellite radio to a vehicle? It is a real plus over regular radio. Your group sounds like any other small office. In time you will find out the REAL dynamics. I think the house purchase is a good idea, if you can indeed swing it. A hedge against inflation. Enjoy your blog and your take on life...