Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Feeling a bit better today, back to work. Thanks for all your well wishes and comments.

Only the odd person mentioned anything about it at work. Hardly anyone asked if I was ok or feeling better. So thanks for that everyone.

I don't take time off work unless I really have to but this place doesn't exactly encourage you to drag yourself in when you feel unwell. There's no such thing as light duties or sympathy. If you turned up for work with a leg missing you'd still be expected to do the same amount of work as before. Maybe that's why most people are off sick even if its just a sore throat and a tickly cough. Even though I was genuinely sick. It was a clincher when judging whether to get out of bed on Friday morning.

Saying that I was bored stiff at home. I slept most of the time but in between consciousness I had the radio on. Radio is shit in the morning. No one plays music any more. Radio one has 'grimmy' waffling on about his celebrity mates. Radio two has Chris Evans telling us all about how much he's gonna spend buying James Bonds car and then raffling off (for charity) a formula one weekend for other multi millionaire listeners who might be listening in "the current bid is now £150,000 , your gonna have to top that if you wanna be in with a chance for this fantastic experience".....F*** off!!! I don't wanna hear that sort of thing mate. Half the country is skint so stop rubbing it in you idiot.

Telly is shite as well but I'm surprised how many gay people are on daytime telly. A certain type of gay man though. Either high camp and Jolly or acid queen nasty. Every 'come dine with me' always seems to have one or the other.

At one point I was just sat in a trance not really watching it. I may as well have been staring at a speck of dust on a wall. Then I realised I was watching CBeebies for young kids (also seeming to feature lots of gay men by the way). Children's telly can be much better to watch when your sick. Less taxing and annoying. Just pretty colours and bright pictures.

Friday, 16 November 2012


"Get out into the fresh air, that'll sort your cold out"
I am now off work and in bed, after filling my lungs with horrible fresh air (mainly smelling like horse or cow shit I think) my cold has escalated to level one and I feel like crap.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vitamin C

Started with a bit of a sore throat this afternoon. But by this evening It's as if I've been gargling with razor blades. I feel the onset of a cold heading my way. "Vitamin C" said my mum. Have you got any oranges?.

No. So it's tablets the size of a torpedo in 1000mg form. Lets see if that dampens it down a bit.

No word from Daniel, he hasn't rung me and I haven't rung him. I've decided to see if he will. It's always me picking up the phone so let's see what happens if I don't. How many days before he remembers I exist?.

I can following him on Facebook mind you------ Jack to Daniel.- 'morning lover'......Daniel to Jack - 'Morning tiger'.....blurrrrgh! I think I might be sick.

There is an election for a local crime commissioner today. We've never had one before so this is all new. I have had my poll card delivered but I nearly threw it in the bin last night because i have absolutely no bloody idea who is up for it. I've had nothing through the post, no one at the door and seen bugger all on the telly. To find out who the candidates are I've got to go to a web site called choosemypcc.org.uk. and read up about them......As if...



Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Shitty fan


The shit seems to have hit the fan today. I spoke to Daniel last night and sent him a copy of the email and we talked a bit about it. It's was no big deal and he didn't seem all that bothered. He knew immediately who I was talking about and just said, oh he's a nutter, Jack has told me all about him. I said that Victoria was a bit worried and didn't know whether to say anything about it but he said he would text her that it was fine and we left it there.

Until this morning.

I got a text message from Victoria first thing saying " what the hell have you said?. Jack has gone mental on Facebook!!!". When I logged on to see what she meant I was shocked to read post after post of threats to this guy. "I'm fuming. Robert G******, youve messed with the wrong person this time you F****ing C***t. You've been trying to stir it with my Daniel and his friends and I'm gonna make you pay. Sleep with one eye open from now on because I'm not gonna take this lying down you F*****....." Well you get the idea.

A couple of our mates had contacted Daniel to ask if he was alright but he'd replied, yes fine. So I rang him and asked what he hell was going on. Does this guy know that all Daniels friends and family are reading this shit?. Including Victoria who thinks she's started world war three.

But the silly sod just defended him " he had a bad time with this guy and he's not happy with him, just knock him off your Facebook if you don't like what he's putting, it'll be fine".

Oh great!. That will go down well. I'll unfriend your boyfriend, I'm sure he'll be happy with that. Suddenly my whole perception of this guy has changed. These aren't the rantings of a battered boyfriend. He sounds like a bloody nutter. It wasn't just one post either, it's been going on all day and to make things worse, his mates (who I don't know) seem to be encouraging him with comments and likes. "Go get him jack, I like to see a bit of blood spilt every now and then". Bloody hell ! I don't like his mates either now.

What I can't understand is how this guy will see these posts anyway. Is he in his friends list?. I don't believe there is anything wrong with twitter or Facebook. It's people who use it that spoil it and its idiots like this who like to vent their spleen all over it for everyone to see that I can not stand. A bit Like the ones who post depressing "I'm so unhappy please love me" type posts or shite like that. (Usually women..lol)

I haven't unfriended him because I wanna keep an eye on this guy. I was a bit pissed with Daniel when he said that. "Just knock him off?". What I expected was a short email from jack to Victoria saying something like 'sorry about my ex, ignore him you won't hear from him again I promise' and then carry on as if he didn't exist.

Not...no acknowledgment to Victoria post after post pf rantings about it and "knock him off your Facebook if you don't like it"

Im staying out of it but im feeling a bit pissed off if I'm honest.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Stirring it.

So the email that was sent to my friend Victoria was from Jacks ex. She sent a copy to me and asked me to let her know what she should do,

In it He said that he had actually been with Jack for a few years and only split with him because of his lies and "mind games". That he had been sleeping around behind his back and playing him off with others.

It wasn't really a nasty message, in fact it was a bit pathetic to be honest. With lines like " I suppose you're wondering why I didn't just leave him at this point, but I loved him and thought I could make it work" and "I'm only doing this because I don't want someone else to get hurt like me, please be careful with him, he's not a nice person"

The only bad bit was when he said that jack could be violent. But according to Daniel. The reason they split up in the first place was because this guy was supposed to have been violent towards jack.

For starters, why has he contacted her and not Daniel?. Secondly, how do we know he hasn't messaged Daniel?

Anyway I'm not getting involved in some stranger trying to stir it for them. I told her not to answer this message and block him. I will have a discrete word with Daniel that his boyfriends ex has contacted her and leave it at that. Don't wanna make a scene. Best to ignore people like that. Bu he should know about it.

He seems a nice enough guy and they seem happy together so let them get on with it.

In other news... I laughed at an article on the web that had a picture of boxer David Haye showing his arse. Talk about people finding fault with anything. Someone wrote underneath "his elbows are too pointy" eh?


Monday, 12 November 2012

Interesting text

Had a weird text message from a female friend today. it came 4 hours ago but I missed it.

"hiya Michael. I've a bit of a delema and not sure what to do. I found an email on my Facebook last night from Jacks ex"

Jack is Daniels new boyfriend by the way.

It had been send last month but was In a different tab on my inbox so I hadn't seen it. It's not written in a nasty way, more out of concern for Daniel. Can I forward it to you to have a read? And see weather he should see it ?. I know Daniel is smitten and I don't want to burst his bubble but I also don't want him to get hurt. The weird thing is that just before I found this email I had seen a comment jack had written on a photograph to one of Daniels exes and I thought it was a really harsh thing to say considering that comment was left over a year ago when they were together.

I don't know if he has message anyone else or weather he just pullled my name off a comment I made to one of his photos or something"

I text her back to send me a copy to look at but she was at work and cant send it till later.

I'm intrigued.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Worked out a lot this week

I have an app on my phone called sleep cycle. When I go to bed I turn it on and stick my phone on the bed under the sheets. It monitors movement and how well you slept and is supposed to wake you up in a more refreshing way. It doesn't really. Ive always hated getting up in the morning and this is no help whatsoever. But the best thing about it is the Info it gathers about your sleep and the graphs it produces.

You can input sleep notes before you set it and then it will show how things effects your sleep pattern.

In this graph you will see the effects of 'worked out' on my sleep. I should point out that 'worked out' is my abbreviated code words for 'wanking myself off before I go to sleep'. And this takes place practically every night. Lol.

But the others are real. Interesting how alcohols works isn't it? And look how much sleep I get at he weekend after a good night out. Getting up in the afternoon has got to stop though I think. My weekends are turning into bed and booze


Friday, 9 November 2012

Moan moan moan

Thank god it's Friday. I'm still living for the weekend. I might not take it so heavy as I used to but I still look forward to it. Cash flow always puts a dampener on things. It costs a bloody fortune. There was a time when I spent my entire wage at a weekend. But now i have to subtract my bills first and there's hardly enough left to buy a round of drinks let alone get blotto.

I'm sick of the scene anyway. It's the same old faces and it's boring. There's the loud ones, the acid queens, the young newbies who've just come out and gone mad, the oldies who stand around saying nothing, just watching like hawks for some fresh meat to come in. The list goes on. Not everyone is like that. Most gay men are just normal. But because a lot of openly gay men can be loud and camp they overshadow everyone else in the room. I hate that 'look at me' attitude. Maybe I'm goin to the wrong places. People assume gay = camp. And all gay men will sleep with anyone or anything, we like the colour pink and our favourite music is madonna and kylie. We pluck our eyebrows and are clean and tidy.

I heard a woman at work arranging a 'girls only' weekend to France. "Barry and Dave will be coming mind you" she said "but they are gay so it's ok. It'll be great because gay men are really tidy and they can keep the place clean". All the other women agreed with her.

The stereotype is a bind as far as I'm concerned.

God I sound like a real moaning mini in this post dont I?.

Someone bet me £20 to grow a beard or moustache for movember. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I dont mind other people with them but I'd look a tit with a tash. I prefer the smooth thing. Even though I hate shaving. Look! I'm back to moaning again.

I just remembered why I started this Blog in the first place. To moan. So it's ok I suppose.

When it was Halloween I had trick or treaters, after that I had penny for the guy (if you live outside the uk and have no idea what that is look up guy fawkes on Wikipedia) but it's not been so good this year.

I don't mind when little kids are knocking on my door asking for sweets or money with mum or dad in tow. Thats funny. I remember i used to get one little girl who looked about three or four and she would piss herself laughing when I pretended to be scared at her ghost outfit. She wasnt bothered about candy or cash. She just wanted to scare people and laugh. But on both occasions this year they were teenagers (14 or 15) and they made no effort to dress up or try. They just stuck their hands out when I opened the door. If I'm honest I think i was probably being mugged but thought nothing of it because of the time of year.

Ive got an iPhone 5 and bought a new holder for it to use in the car. This holder doesn't cover the camera lens at the back so I can press record and film whilst I drive along. It's a bit childish and kid like I know, but I filmed my journey when i was out at work this morning and then watched it back when I go home tonight. How pathetic is that?. I was laughing at myself for doing it. I feel like inspector gadget

It was a good picture though. LOL

Right that's it for now, time to get my glad rags on. I'm out on the razz and I think I might have a promise on for later ;-)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Can I still do it?


Can I still blog like I used to before I stopped?. My life is slightly different now. But let's see shall we? Besides I'm bored

Daniel has a new boyfriend and I think that this time it's love. He met him on the Internet a couple of years ago and has been corresponding with him ever since. The problem was, he lived miles away. The other side of Birmingham to be precise. A two hour journey in a car or a long train ride if he has the cash. But now they have got to know each other a bit more they have been taking it in turns visiting each other. He comes up to Daniels one weekend, then Daniel goes down to his a couple of weeks later to stay with him. They set off on a Friday night after work and come back Sunday evening.

I'm glad he's happy and I don't wanna sound jealous or a kill joy. But he's fucked up my nights out. He's always busy now and he's even suggested that this Christmas he's gonna go down to see his boyfriend when work finishes Xmas eve and not come back until the new year. Worse still he's fucked up facebook for me as well. There are never ending posts to each other talking bollocks. Posting stupid pictures and cooing like a couple of love birds. Im considering unfriending him just to get away from it all.

I have a second facebook profile mind you and I'm keeping that to my gay mates and strangers :-). Facebook is shite nowadays anyway. Bored with it. Once my mum went on, it was all over. How can you refuse to be your mothers friend?. But then you've gotta remember that she sees everything you post or tag!. And my mums friends are even pestering me now. Do I really wanna be friends with aunty Sheila ? Her profile picture is of a cat cuddling a puppy. Urge!.

I am working with someone who says 'no probleemoooow' whenever I ask him to do something. 'No problem' would suffice, or even 'ok' would do, but no, it's go to be a long drawn out noooooooopropleemoooo. I asked him today why he did it. But he just looked at me as if I had asked him to jump over the moon. He obviously doesn't realise he says it so often.

I considered mentioning the fact that he picks his nose constantly as well, but if i got started I'd be pointing out his faults all afternoon. Thats the problem with work. Youre thrown together with a bunch of people you wouldnt normally wanna know.

I swear that I was once talking to my old boss and he stuck his hand down the back of his trousers. Where he had his fingers I will never know but he was having a good rummage around. When we walked away I saw him sniff his hand!!!!.

Urgh, change the subject quick i think I'm gonna be sick.