Thursday, 8 November 2012

Can I still do it?


Can I still blog like I used to before I stopped?. My life is slightly different now. But let's see shall we? Besides I'm bored

Daniel has a new boyfriend and I think that this time it's love. He met him on the Internet a couple of years ago and has been corresponding with him ever since. The problem was, he lived miles away. The other side of Birmingham to be precise. A two hour journey in a car or a long train ride if he has the cash. But now they have got to know each other a bit more they have been taking it in turns visiting each other. He comes up to Daniels one weekend, then Daniel goes down to his a couple of weeks later to stay with him. They set off on a Friday night after work and come back Sunday evening.

I'm glad he's happy and I don't wanna sound jealous or a kill joy. But he's fucked up my nights out. He's always busy now and he's even suggested that this Christmas he's gonna go down to see his boyfriend when work finishes Xmas eve and not come back until the new year. Worse still he's fucked up facebook for me as well. There are never ending posts to each other talking bollocks. Posting stupid pictures and cooing like a couple of love birds. Im considering unfriending him just to get away from it all.

I have a second facebook profile mind you and I'm keeping that to my gay mates and strangers :-). Facebook is shite nowadays anyway. Bored with it. Once my mum went on, it was all over. How can you refuse to be your mothers friend?. But then you've gotta remember that she sees everything you post or tag!. And my mums friends are even pestering me now. Do I really wanna be friends with aunty Sheila ? Her profile picture is of a cat cuddling a puppy. Urge!.

I am working with someone who says 'no probleemoooow' whenever I ask him to do something. 'No problem' would suffice, or even 'ok' would do, but no, it's go to be a long drawn out noooooooopropleemoooo. I asked him today why he did it. But he just looked at me as if I had asked him to jump over the moon. He obviously doesn't realise he says it so often.

I considered mentioning the fact that he picks his nose constantly as well, but if i got started I'd be pointing out his faults all afternoon. Thats the problem with work. Youre thrown together with a bunch of people you wouldnt normally wanna know.

I swear that I was once talking to my old boss and he stuck his hand down the back of his trousers. Where he had his fingers I will never know but he was having a good rummage around. When we walked away I saw him sniff his hand!!!!.

Urgh, change the subject quick i think I'm gonna be sick.


naturgesetz said...


I'm really glad to see an update from you. I do wonder now and then how you're doing.

Too bad about Daniel and his new bf taking away your time together. If you're lucky one of two things could happen. The bf moves to Mancs, and the three of you can share nights out. Or they break up and Daniel is available for nights out. But I guess it's a problem that gay guys also have when their straight mates get a gf.

But don't give up your nights out altogether. It's good to get out sometimes. My nights out alone are usually to concerts or shows. Perhaps you can find things worth going to apart from pubs. All types of night s out offer some possibility of meeting new friends, but they're also good just for their own sake.

I keep my Facebook strictly for irl contacts. I've got this and Twitter for people I'm out to as naturgesetz. But it can be tricky sometimes.

I hope you'll keep in touch. I love hearing from you.

naturgesetz said...

What I actually meant when I wrote "Too bad about Daniel and his new bf taking away your time together," is that I was gutted to read that and I hope you'll be okay. I had hoped you guys would be best friends for life, so I'm sorry at this interruption, whether it's short term or longer.

Jason said...

I am so glad you have come back, you have been missed.

I'm not on facebook as much these days, too hacked off with all those stupid sodding game invites, although having said that I do have an author page up there, but it's got less that 20 likes, haha which is perhaps tell me more than I'd readily admit. My normal facebook profile is for everyone, I've been out to all since 1986 so I care little who sees it.

drew said...

Nice to hear from you. I have been bugging your ass for a while to come back!! ;-) I hope Daniel is happy and I hope you find someone for yourself! You are too good looking and smart to be by yourself, or maybe you are the smart one!! Look forward to hearing what's going on in your life.