Sunday, 15 August 2010

Lack of sex

In the time i have been away i have little to report. Still no boyfriend. Only had one shag (and that was more a rubbing up and down session because the bastard was too pissed to get it up). Work seems to be getting really quiet all of a sudden, Everyone is in panic mode. recession is starting to seep through to us.

We have filled out our ESTA forms needed to get a visa for America later in the year, which was embarrassing in itself because the questions asked of my mother and father included
Have you got Gonorrhea or Syphilis ? and Have you ever been arrested for a crime involving moral Turpitude (we had to google that last word because my mother had no idea what it meant). Also, i've started painting the outside of my house !.
I've borrowed a ladder from someone, bought some paint and am swinging from the rafters trying to stop the wood rotting any more than it currently is by covering it up with Gloss.

I've decided i'm not a heights person. the troughs and fall pipes are getting no more than a lick. It's a white knuckle session just climbing up there.

It's not long since i started blogging again after a short break, but i'm finding less and less time to update this page.
I'm in two minds whether to bother. I don't know if it's because it's the summer and i'm out and about doing things more. Or am i just losing interest ?.

This is my second attempt at blogging, i've deleted it once before and started again. I won't do it this time but it seems like a bit of a tease to pretend i'm still here when in fact i'm out doing far more exciting stuff elsewhere.

Expect more intermittent blogging in future. Maybe just weekly, i haven't decided yet.

Monday, 9 August 2010


We still haven't sorted our visas for American yet so i have been summoned to my parents at the weekend to help them fill it in online.

Apparently the cheeky buggers are gonna charge for a visa from September so we need to sort them out before then.
I'm dreading it. My parents are useless when it comes to this sort of thing, they know nothing about the internet and can't understand why you can't just write something in when it's a tick box only form.
We've been through it all before and i end up getting annoyed.
My mum once gave me a 20 page booklet and asked me if i could fax it on the Internet to my auntie Barbara in Cleethorpes.
Trying to explain to her that it wasn't quite as simple as that was like trying to tell a caveman how television works.
In the end she said she would ask Uncle Eric to do it instead "it will be less hassle"
It took him a week to scan it and get it ready before he got back to ask for the email address to send it too. Mum didn't have it so asked him to look it up on the phone book.
It turned out Auntie didn't even own a computer....

Had a call from Daniel tonight asking me if i wanna go see a stripper on Friday !. LOL.
There is a private party for a mutual friend in Mancs and they have arrange a strippagram for her. I suppose we could just pop in and have a look couldn't we ?.
Must remember to take my camera ;-).

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Bukkake Surprise

Bored bored bored.

It's been pissing it down this morning, but as i type this bit the sun has come out and it's made me think i need to get out and about a bit more today.
So i've rung Daniel and i'm heading over to Mancs tonight for a blast. It'll probably be a bit of a cheap night because obviously he is skint at the moment, but you don't need money to have a good night do you ?.

I suppose it depends what you get up to ;-)

Been listening to some old Skool music this morning whilst i vac up, clean the house and do my washing. Fucking hell, how cool does that sound ? All the things you have to do when you don't live with your parents any more. Suddenly you realise what they did. Or should that read as, suddenly you realise what your mom did ?. For instance. The bathroom mirror suddenly looking like someone has given it a bukkake surprise and three feet of dust on top of picture frames.
I feel like moving back home again.
It's funny how you still call it home don't ya think ?. My room is still called my room, and when i called to see my parents last time i was a bit pissed off that my dad was turning into some kind off office. So that chances of me moving back are starting to deminish anyway.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I wanna tell you a dirty story

As life starts to settle down again after our recent drama i'm suddenly struggling for things to write about.
Other than the excitement of swotting a fly in the kitchen today and treading in some dog shit whilst cutting the grass last night, i can't think what else to write about.
I even considered making something up, but couldn't think of anything interesting. I never re-read any blog postings, and don't look back over this blog. but for inspiration I did tonight and thought i was just talking shit most of the time. But that's fine, that's why i blog. To let the shit out.

I'm not the type of person who reads story books so making up stories would be difficult for me anyway.
But i once tried (unsuccessfully) to set up a story blog ages ago. The story itself was to be a sort of seedy, sexy, murder mystery type thing. Not Pornographic, but certainly the sort of thing that would get an 18+ certificate at the cinema (i'm laughing at myself as i write this). I had just watched a gritty British film on the telly about gangsters set in the 60s. I can't remember what it was called, but i liked the idea of it and wanted to write a story on a similar theme, but with a gay element. I even included the odd picture to set a scene,(none Nude) and thought about posting a chapter a day or once a week.
What the fuck i thought i was doing i don't know but i actually wasted a whole night on the computer doing this (snigger).
I think i wrote three short chapters and then gave up bored like i normally do when i get a bee in my bonnet.
Wanna have a laugh at the first chapter ?.

Well i actually found it saved on the system last night. I never deleted it !, just moved it into a draft unpublished folder. LOL.
So here is chapter one. Don't worry there were only three chapters and it didn't go anywhere, but it makes me laugh to read it back. I think i just caught bloggers D.O.G. (delusion of grandeur). I must have forgot that it's just the fucking Internet and i'm not Steven Spielberg. LOL. Embarrassing isn't the word. It might amuse you if nothing else

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In Training

I Went back to the gym tonight. Bad Idea !.
I feel a bit sick at the moment. For some reason i stupidly thought i could start from where i left off. And after a heavy weekend and a crap day at work i think it was the completely wrong time to be going over the top with exercises.
I nearly chucked up after about 10 minutes, but had a rest, got my breath back and carried on. Now i feel all wobbly and weak.
I've skipped my tea and think i'll spend the rest of the night sitting on the sofa watching telly.

Actually it's a bit of a good (but weird) sort of feeling. I'm all flushed in the face and can feel the blood pumping around my body. Like a legal high.
On the other hand i feel like a chocolate biscuit with my cuppa so that was a fucking waste of 90 minutes don't ya think ?.

In the news over the weekend was the story of Last years X Factor winner Joe Mcelderry 'coming out'. Not a great shock as everyone in the world knew anyway and it was so bleedin obvious it was only a matter of time before we had the headline.
Even heterosexual people had their gaydar alarm going off at 100 decibels.
But the thing that amused me was the fact that a day later some gay guy was selling his story about his first kiss with him.
I can't quite work out whether this is a good sign that we are eventually integrating well with the rest of the world now that we have gay slappers flogging stories on gay men just like female slappers do it with footballers.
The only thing that offends me is that when it's a woman selling the story they have a picture to accompany it of the girl in nothing but bra and pants or maybe tits out sucking a finger.
This kiss and tell fella was fully clothed leaning against a tree. Now if they had him in a pair of speedos or with his cock out i'd say we've eventually turned the corner.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Single still

Got loads of hassle from a couple of acid queens on Saturday night.
The only thing that stopped me dropping one of them was Daniels little incident a while back.
But i was definitely tempted. Why do some gay men think they can act this way ?.
I think they had been watching too much TV and assumed that it's they you act when your a camp fucker.
I wouldn't mind but they couldn't have been older than 17 at the most.
Little shits.

This trip to America at Christmas is now on. I'm going with my parents and a few others, Daniel was asked, but as you can imagine, he's skint.
I've been adopted by a cat. I don't know who's it is but whenever i come home from work it's there waiting for me.
I give it a stroke, tickle it under the chin and then fuck off inside.
But it then climbs onto the window sill and watches me from the outside.
I don't know who's it is (a family down the street i think) but it's black, and black cats are supposed to bring good luck. I could do with some of that so it can get as many tickles as it likes.
I wonder what it would be like to come home to a fella i could tickle ?.

My sex life is none existent at the moment. I seem to spent to much time watching porn and not enough doing it.
On one hand I'm happy that there is less hassle. On the other, you can't beat the real thing.