Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I wanna tell you a dirty story

As life starts to settle down again after our recent drama i'm suddenly struggling for things to write about.
Other than the excitement of swotting a fly in the kitchen today and treading in some dog shit whilst cutting the grass last night, i can't think what else to write about.
I even considered making something up, but couldn't think of anything interesting. I never re-read any blog postings, and don't look back over this blog. but for inspiration I did tonight and thought i was just talking shit most of the time. But that's fine, that's why i blog. To let the shit out.

I'm not the type of person who reads story books so making up stories would be difficult for me anyway.
But i once tried (unsuccessfully) to set up a story blog ages ago. The story itself was to be a sort of seedy, sexy, murder mystery type thing. Not Pornographic, but certainly the sort of thing that would get an 18+ certificate at the cinema (i'm laughing at myself as i write this). I had just watched a gritty British film on the telly about gangsters set in the 60s. I can't remember what it was called, but i liked the idea of it and wanted to write a story on a similar theme, but with a gay element. I even included the odd picture to set a scene,(none Nude) and thought about posting a chapter a day or once a week.
What the fuck i thought i was doing i don't know but i actually wasted a whole night on the computer doing this (snigger).
I think i wrote three short chapters and then gave up bored like i normally do when i get a bee in my bonnet.
Wanna have a laugh at the first chapter ?.

Well i actually found it saved on the system last night. I never deleted it !, just moved it into a draft unpublished folder. LOL.
So here is chapter one. Don't worry there were only three chapters and it didn't go anywhere, but it makes me laugh to read it back. I think i just caught bloggers D.O.G. (delusion of grandeur). I must have forgot that it's just the fucking Internet and i'm not Steven Spielberg. LOL. Embarrassing isn't the word. It might amuse you if nothing else

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