Tuesday, 3 August 2010

In Training

I Went back to the gym tonight. Bad Idea !.
I feel a bit sick at the moment. For some reason i stupidly thought i could start from where i left off. And after a heavy weekend and a crap day at work i think it was the completely wrong time to be going over the top with exercises.
I nearly chucked up after about 10 minutes, but had a rest, got my breath back and carried on. Now i feel all wobbly and weak.
I've skipped my tea and think i'll spend the rest of the night sitting on the sofa watching telly.

Actually it's a bit of a good (but weird) sort of feeling. I'm all flushed in the face and can feel the blood pumping around my body. Like a legal high.
On the other hand i feel like a chocolate biscuit with my cuppa so that was a fucking waste of 90 minutes don't ya think ?.

In the news over the weekend was the story of Last years X Factor winner Joe Mcelderry 'coming out'. Not a great shock as everyone in the world knew anyway and it was so bleedin obvious it was only a matter of time before we had the headline.
Even heterosexual people had their gaydar alarm going off at 100 decibels.
But the thing that amused me was the fact that a day later some gay guy was selling his story about his first kiss with him.
I can't quite work out whether this is a good sign that we are eventually integrating well with the rest of the world now that we have gay slappers flogging stories on gay men just like female slappers do it with footballers.
The only thing that offends me is that when it's a woman selling the story they have a picture to accompany it of the girl in nothing but bra and pants or maybe tits out sucking a finger.
This kiss and tell fella was fully clothed leaning against a tree. Now if they had him in a pair of speedos or with his cock out i'd say we've eventually turned the corner.

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Anonymous said...

How do you train, and for what purpose?
Vince Gironda, who tranied Sly and Arnie, wrote a book, 'The Wild Physique', to get the perfect V shaped muscular body.
Boiling it down, 8 sets of 8 reps, 1 minute break in between each set. My prostitutes always compliment me on my pecs, even though I'm over 40!
All too soon you will be 30, 40 comes really quickly after that.