Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas remembered

I've had my best Christmas in years. I don't wanna dwell on the past so lets just say it's been a family Christmas that i have been missing. it's been a bit relentless though. Visiting, and crowds of people practically every day.It feels like a never ending party and i'll be honest, there were times when i just wanted a break from it all. Best bits were my nephews and nieces. If you don't have kids i recommend you borrow a couple for Christmas. They are great fun and make everything special. Send them back for New Year of course but they are brilliant for a day or two.

And you have a good excuse to play with toys as well. Whilst they play with the box, you get to work pressing all the buttons and turning the nobs.
One of the kids got a Hole in the wall cash machine (money box) complete with cash card and pin number. Whats all that about ?. Cash machines are for taking money out of, not putting into.
My cold is lots better, maybe because i gave all alcohol a wide birth over Xmas. But i assume i have gathered a bit of a reputation because every time i refused a drink the person offering looked puzzled and gave out a loud 'whoooooooo' sound.
It was just nice to be with my family again. No one said anything about the past, we just carried on like we used to. I even got presents from people. Which was slightly embarrassing because i didn't get them anything back. I had put this sort of family get together in the past, to be forgotten and never revisited. It was great.

Sky News was at the Trafford Center on Boxing day doing a report on the sales. Daniel said he was there and was excitedly telling me on the phone that he saw them broadcasting live from the scene. "so ?" i said. What is so exciting about that ?.
I'm pretty sure that given half a chance he would have been one of those pratts who stand behind waving like a nob head.

Daniel and i have been invited to a house party on New Years Eve. The problem is, it's Steve who has invited us and i can imagine what sort of party it would be.
On one hand we both dismiss it as a no show. But at the same time neither of us is dismissing it completely and find it amusing that we might actually go, just for the hell of it.
I hopw you had a nice Christmas and are enjoying the break. I'm told that in America they only have Christmas day and then it's back to work.
You poor sods.
I'm not back till January the 4th. Happy Days.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas Everybody

That's it for work now until January 4th 2010.
We all finished at lunchtime, but some of the others went for a drink before going home. I decided to give it a miss. I don't feel up to it and i need to shake as much of this cold off as possible or my Christmas is gonna be crap.

I'm a bit worried about all the snow. I'm supposed to be going over to my mum and dads for Christmas Day but travel looks bad. It's ok as long as you keep to the main roads but neither i, nor my mum and dad, live on a main road. I have to drive up an ungritted road and then onto our street, which is an un adopted avenue that never ever sees a gritter.
I'll worry about that in the morning.

Daniel Said that he is seeing his Auntie tonight so won't be going out. That was fine by me, i think we both knew i wasn't gonna be up to a Christmas eve out on the town. Best save it up for New Years eve.
So i'm gonna spend a boring night in front of the telly with a cup of Lemsip and my feet up.
It's Christmas eve so there must be something on TV surely ?.
Well no actually there isn't ive looked. Typical.

Anyways, on that depressing note. A Happy Christmas to you all, have a great time, don't drink too much ;-)be careful who you sleep with, play safe,remember to carry some mistletoe in your undies and if you are lucky enough to meet the man of your dreams take a naked picture of him and send it to me. It'll be much more interesting to look at than the shit on my TV at the moment.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Winter Cold

Oh no
That 'bit of a cold' has turned into a full blow affair. Strangely I don’t feel as bad as I apparently look. Sneezing can be quite enjoyable sometimes. It’s like a little mini orgasm if it's done right, so I don’t mind that too much. I wonder what it would be like to sneeze at the same time as you have a proper orgasm ?. In fact imagine a sneeze, an orgasm and scratching an itch all at the same time. I'm not sure your partner would be impressed but it would blow your socks off i'm sure. LOL.

Sorry i'm rambling now, back to the subject. Apart from the fact that my eyes are streaming and I feel really tired I’m not too bad on the inside. I can still eat and am on about 20 cups of tea a day to suppress the sore throat, but apart from that I think I’m OK.

Peoples reactions to me are two fold.
One, sympathy because I apparently look like I’m dying. Two, they run away as if I’m a leper about to pass on an incurable disease.
I’ve even had someone stand in front of me with a hanky over their mouth. I can understand I suppose. I have now been relegated to my own desk in the corner of the office. I have my own cup for tea and am not allowed to sit with the rest for lunch LOL.
No one wants a cold for flu for Christmas.
Including me.

i got a call from Daniel at lunchtime and he has one as well. We sounding like a couple of old men on the phone talking about our ailments.
He is a bit more of a wus though. He doesn't have a cold, it's flu, and he thinks it's swine flu. I once had flu. I wouldn't have been capable of talking to anyone on the phone. In fact i couldn't be arsed to walk across the room from what i remember.
There is a huge difference between a cold and flu. But on the recommendation of Paul from yesterdays comments i did suggest i could come over and rub some vicks on his chest.
He didn't laugh. Miserable git.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas rant.

I Think I am starting with a cold. That’s all I need for Christmas.

So I went to the chemist to buy some drugs that will do nothing to stop it coming, but will make me at least fell like I’m trying to suppress the symptoms. (Do cold remedies ever work? I don’t think so)
Anyways don't you think Chemists seem to have only one speed. Slow. In fact I’m convinced that when they disappear round the back to make up prescriptions they are actually playing cards or watching telly. How long can it take to measure out half a dozen pills for fuck sake?
I know they have to be careful they don’t kill someone by giving the wrong dose, but sometimes it feels like time itself has stopped.

I discovered the downside to living in a house with a drive. Snow!
At least when I parked on the roadside the gritters cleared it for me. Here I have to get out a shovel and start digging myself.

Most hated commercial on TV right now ?. "I'm a PC and Windows 7 was my idea" Piss off you smug git !.

I've had three Christmas cards from neighbours. I know it's them because there was no address or stamp on the front and they were all posted separate to the rest of the post.
The only problem is i don't know who they are. Who the hell is Jean and Steve ?.
Why didn't they put a house number on it ?.

On my way to work this morning i saw someone slip on some ice. It's not funny really but she did it in a Flintstones type way so it was. Her legs were everywhere in all directions, but her head and body stayed in the same place.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Thanks god for the snow

After my eventful weekend i could have done with a day off today. And with the help of a blizzard of snow yesterday i managed to get half a day at least.
I rang in to say i might be late before i even set off and was told not to rush because everyone else is in the same boat. Brilliant.

I still feel a bit off though. My stomach, my head, i feel really tired and could happily roll up into a ball and fall asleep on the office floor.

Ryan thought i was funny the other night so at least i know I'm not an annoying drunk. Apparently i was very jolly and entertaining. Maybe a bit too friendly, but nothing offencive (phew). He reminded me that i kissed him on the cheek. I am blushing as i write this. He is not gay and thankfully laughed it off because i was doing it as a joke. Some girls at work kept asking for Christmas kisses whilst carrying mistletoe so i thought he should have one as well. Once he told me about this i remembered. it came back to me in a flash. He had a very smooth cheek and it was cold because we had just walked into a pub from a cold street.
I'm gonna cut down on the drinking this Christmas, i can't afford it and I'm making a fool of myself.
As i type this there is a program on telly called 'The Whale that blew up in the street'
It's all about a dead sperm whale that exploded in the middle of a Taiwan street in January 2004.
Eh ?

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Who's a naughty boy ?

I can only apologise for my previous post.
The answer to the question can you post when you are pissed is, yes, but only if you wanna embarrass yourself by writing shit.

On the other hand i was very close to inviting a stranger round for sex, so it's as well i kept in touch with you all in case i got murdered.
I actually went on Gaydar and because i couldn't see anything i liked and no one was forthcoming (as in instantly wanting a meet NOW!) i then logged onto Gaydar chat.
Thankfully the only people who contacted me seemed to live in the London area. But that was no surprise because i logged into chat rooms without thinking.
There were some really weird themed rooms.
I understand things like bears, bondage, Bikers Bi Guys, water sports and Muscle etc. But there were some strange chat rooms amongst all these.
Bed Baths, Cabin Crew (BA Staff i presume) Cock smells (eeeurgh!!) Deaf men ?, Docking ?. Equestrian, Intellectuals (there was no one in that room)Macintosh users, Art & Design ?. Fucking hell.

Anyway i stayed away from all the strange men on gaydar and went to bed alone. But it was a close call. The right man and i could have been writing about my shameful night with a stranger and worrying whether i did something i shouldn't have.
Anyway i am suffering the consequences of my weekend already, i feel like crap, it's all catching up on me. It's snowing like there is no tomorrow outside so i may as well go back to bed.


Can you blog when you are pissed?. has anyone tried it? has anyone done it. i'm sure they will have sohere is my go.

Rest of post deleted................

Saturday, 19 December 2009


I decided to go with the others for a nice quite Christmas drink after work last night.
That's why i never blogged yesterday. I wasn't capable of seeing the keys let alone type anything. I didn't drink that much in quantity, but because it was Christmas i drank different things.

I'm not the sort of person who drinks shorts. I don't really like things like whisky and rum. I like them even less now.
I broke my own drinking rule..never mix your drinks !!
I can still taste some of it now. It's not as if i had a fantastic night either, because after the first hour it all went downhill from there as i descended into a mess. First i get the blood shot eyes, then the silly grin, then my mouth stops working properly and eventually my brain goes for a walk and live the rest of my body to fend for itself.

And just to make things worse. I may have to have some 'hair of the dog' tonight. I'm not sure if this expression travels the world. I don't actually know what it means either and in a different mood i'd look it up on the web to find out where it comes from (but i can't be arsed).
Basically it means having another drink to counteract the hangover. I'm actually supposed to be going out again tonight so it will be needed. At the moment the very smell of any kind of booze could help me empty the contents of my stomach all over this computer but I'm sure I'll be OK after something to eat and a sleep. I hope.
I embarrassed myself be telling Ryan how good looking he was and mentioning to his mate that he comes across as a bit of a twat sometimes (he was a bit taken back by that). I didn't exactly strip off and dance naked on the tables but if anyone had suggested i did i'm sure i would have.

I think I'll take it easy tonight.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Model Looks

Sheila at work has been talking about here friend for a while now. Apparently she does some modeling work (fashion) and is extremely pretty.
Today we met her friend, and her boyfriend, when they came to drop off some keys for Sheila. I know it's wrong to judge people by their looks, how terrible would i be if i did that. On the other hand, this woman looked like a freak. Not a bit attractive and completely the opposite to how i imagined her to be. Her eyes were too far apart and she was as white as a sheet. On the other hand, her boyfriend was a black guy called Frank. He was as fit as fuck. Obviously went to the gym on a regular basis and had a body that superman would have been proud of. I asked him if he did any modeling as well.
"fuck, no" he said "i work for W H Smiths"

This is not him, but it's how i imagine him to look underneath his cloths, and in my wanking dreams later on tonight.

I have decided to stay in tonight. I need to spend a bit more time on the house. I don't even have any trimmings or a tree up. I have nothing chrismasy about.
Someone in the comments suggested.... no said.. that this house was my Christmas present to myself. And your right young man, it is !
Time to appreciate it a little more i think. After all, I'm fucking paying enough for it.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I've Bin Robbed

That customer payment came through today so we might be working up to Christmas eve after all. Phew !.

On the other hand i wanna go out and get pissed. Ryan and his tossy mate, plus a few of the others are talking about going for a couple after work on Christmas Eve. But i'll be wanting to get home, get changed, and head off to Mancs for a night out with my mates. I'll be buggered if i'm spending Christmas eve in Halifax.
Or should that read, i WON'T be buggered if i spend a Christmas eve in Halifax ? LOL.

There is a lot of talk in the papers about the new X Factor winner ending speculation that he is gay. I'll be honest i was sure he was one of us, But now i find he is one of them. Frankly i don't give a shit. It's not like i'm gonna meet him and he's gonna be interested in climbing into bed with me is it?. I'll never understand all that is he or isn't he ? thing with celebs. As long as they can do their job singing, acting or dancing i don't give a toss. Why is it so important ?.

I put my bin out for collection today, but when i went to retrieve it, someone had stolen the bloody thing. I didn't have my number painted on the side like some do so anyone could have taken it. I wandered up and down the street looking for it but it was nowhere to be seen.
This left me with two options. Ring and ask for a new dustbin, or steal someone else's.

I didn't bother ringing for a new one.

Cheesy Pop going round and round in my head

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas is coming

My mum has asked me if i will buy her the Susan Boyle CD for my dad for Christmas.
WOT ???. YOU EXPECT ME TO GO INTO A SHOP AND ASK FOR SUSAN BOYLE ON CD ???!!!. Perhaps you would like me to do it wearing a pink tutu and ballet shoes for maximum humiliation as well ?.
I said yes i would. I'm in a new town and no-one knows me here, If i keep my head down i'm sure i can get in and out of the shop without anyone spotting me. I must remember to take a porno magazine to wrap it up in.

That payment from the customer hasn't arrived yet. It's looking like Friday we will be breaking up for Christmas. I said i would go for a drink with Ryan, but i let slip i didn't like his mate. I don't think Ryan was impressed with that. He knows he's a bit funny but he said he was OK when you get to know him. Thinking about it, i had a similar problem with Jack and Daniel (Jack Daniels i just noticed that link) they didn't get along either and i felt awkward in the middle. I'll give him a second chance for Ryans sake.

I found my old I-pod the other day. It is the size of a packet of fags and weighs a ton. It didn't work though the battery was fucked.

A guy pulled up along side me in a car at lunchtime wanting directions to a local scrapyard. He spoke with a foreign accent and i couldn't understand him. I had to ask him three times to repeat the place he was looking for and i still couldn't get it. It was getting embarrassing, especially as he was very nice and i could understand the words "thanks you very much, it would be nice, very please"
In the end i pointed him in the direction of the nearest one i knew and hoped it was the one he wanted.
As he drove off i noticed he had a flat tyre at the back and he was driving on the rim. The scrapyard i sent him to must have been at least 3 miles away.

What can i buy myself for Christmas ?. I always get myself something but what do i want this year ?
Must look through the small ads for a sexy man willing to do anything i want for a night.

Monday, 14 December 2009

A long break

Daniel didn't ring tonight, he said he will get in touch later on in the week. His text didn't spell it like that it just said "ring L8trs". I hate text speak. It gets on my tits.

I have been informed today that we may be breaking up for Christmas at the weekend. A certain order is looking dodgy as the customer is notoriously bad at paying. If he doesn't bacs a payment to us by Wednesday the order will not be going out and this will mean we will have more stock than we require and production stops.
There would have been a time when i would have been excited by the prospects of a longer Christmas holiday but not this time. I like it where i work and i want the company to do well. I'd like to finish before Christmas eve so i can do all my shopping but not for a whole week!.
It's interesting to see how people react to such news. Some are whooping with joy, others are panicking thinking the company is gonna go bust.

Ryan asked me today if i was interested in going for a Christmas drink with his boring mate. As long as i can lose his mate somewhere under a bus, Yes !.

Sunday, 13 December 2009


It's a Sunday night and i've had quite a good weekend.

Yesterday was a bit iffy. Shopping at Christmas is hell. Even if you see something you wanna buy the queue is that long you can't be arsed to wait.
Today i had Rachel and her fella, with Daniel, all round for the afternoon. I got a Crispy duck thing from tescos that was supposed to be enough for 4-6 people. But when it came out of the oven there was just about enough for a gob full each.
So i had to go to plan B and raid the freezer for something i could stick in the microwave before we all starved.

I'm no good at this entertaining lark. Dinner parties are not my thing.
Afterwards we drank the contents of the garage (apart from Rachel's boyf, the driver) and i think they all went home happy.
Thankfully there was no sign of Ian but I'm pretty sure he will still be pestering me sometime in the future.

Daniel was a bit quiet, he didn't mention Howard, he said he would ring me this week to update me on the latest. I thought they had split so what the latest is i don't know.

Friday, 11 December 2009

The Weekend Starts here

I've just noticed i've got 93 followers. Where the bloody hell did they come from ?.
That's what adding an erotic picture here and there does for you i supposed.

It's weeeeekend again and i have a few things planned. All involve going out, but on Sunday afternoon i have invited Daniel, Rachel and her sexy boyfriend over.
I am gonna cook something so i've told them to book a couple of days off work next week just in case they need it to recover from food poisoning.
Rachel said that would be fine as her arse is getting a bit fat anyway and she could do with losing a few pounds.
If Ian does decide to call i will be too busy with my house guests so that will also help me avoid him.

I'm gonna go to Mancs tomorrow. Some Xmas shopping with Daniel and his mum (how cool does that sound ?) she is driving us to the Trafford Center and we can spend a nice quiet leisurely afternoon looking in shop windows. I have no money to spend so i don't know why i'm going. Just for something to do i suppose. Imagine that, the Trafford Center on a Saturday afternoon so near to Christmas. Sound like fun eh?.
Then Daniel will come back here and stop the night Saturday.
Whether we go out round here or not is another thing. I'm trying to get him to give Huddersfield a go.

Tonight i feel knackered. So After Jonathan Ross on the Telly, it's Bath and bed. A quick off the cuff wank, throw the tissue on the bedroom floor (pick it up in the morning) and drift straight off to sleep 30 seconds after i've climaxed.
Have you ever done that ?. Isn't it a nice relaxing way to go to sleep. The second you have cum you do a quick clean up and then drift away.
Sorry, i'm getting too graphic here aren't i ?.

This blog takes minutes to do. I don't really think about what i'm gonna write before i sit at the computer. I just load a picture and start tapping. What comes out, comes out.
I must use the delete button more.
Have a good weekend everybody.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dodgy Ian

I had a call from Ian tonight. He said he was going over to Bradford this weekend and might stop off at my place to say hello if i'm about.
I'm really suspicious about this. Ian is a dodgy Druggy, why is he going to Bradford ? and why pop by to see me ?.
If you knew him you would understand why i wrote that last sentence, i'm not paranoid, i just know when i shouldn't really have anything to do with him. He is a great guy and has been a good friend but he has never been normal and was always a bit dodgy, You just know that to stay friends with him it's best to keep him at arms length. I said i was gonna be out this weekend, but he is the type who will call to say hello anyway just in case. I need to make sure i'm not in for two days at least.

I saw a car crash on my way home from work tonight. It wasn't anything serious just broken glass and scratched paintwork. Both drivers were at fault, but they got out and started fighting in the middle of the road as all the other cars tried to get round them.
There is no stopping drivers when they are on their way home from work, fight or no fight, people were prepared to mow them both down rather than sit and wait.
Which pissed one of them even more and he started hitting cars with his hand as they drove past.
As i got nearer i recognised him as one of the guys who works at our place. I don't know him that well, and after tonight i don't think i want to either. Prat !

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sunday Morning Glory

Don't laugh, but i was invited to join a football team today.

Some of the blokes in the Warehouse play Sunday footy and asked if i was interested. Thinking about it the after match changing and shower thing sounds good, but then again, it's Sunday Morning and it involves getting up and running around in the fucking freezing weather whilst its pissing down.
No Chance.
It was nice to be asked though. I seem to be getting on well with some of these people. I'm just not sure they all know I'm not hetero and won't be interested in a night out looking for some "birds to shag". One lad called Ben keeps mentioning that he will take me out round town to show me what a good night out is, and i am certain he has the wrong end of the stick.
I hate it when this happens, you have every intention of telling people but sometimes you sort of miss the moment and it just gets awkward from then on.

Anyway i said no thanks and am leaving it to someone else to tell him. I'm fucking sick of telling people. You get like that sometimes don't you?. Why so you have to explain your way through life ?. Fuck em.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The recovery position

Daniel rang today and said sorry for the weekend.
He didn't remember most of it so i could make up anything and he would have had to believe me.

I tried to say i lent him £20 but he wasn't having any, he wasn't that drunk. Besides i always try that one and he would never lend me a full £20 anyway. So i told him he tried to kiss me in the middle of the night. Funnily enough that must have sounded more convincing because he said "i didn't did i?".LOL. Saying that, i have also used that one before as well so he's a sucker if he did believe.

I was that knackered last night i just stopped in and sat in front of the Telly like a Zombie.
I fell asleep and woke up at two in the morning with the TV and the fire on. I was sweating like a pig and felt so drained i had to stand outside in the freezing cold for a while just to get my breath back.
I'm not the most active person in the world, but sitting around and falling asleep on the sofa is not in my instruction manual. It just makes me sick.
When i eventually went to bed i looked out of the window and noticed that not one house down the street was awake. Every window was black. Where i lived before in Oldham this would be unknown. There would always be someone up no matter what time of night it was.

Whether they were sat watching the telly or surfing the net for porn i'm not sure but they would be up.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Drunken weekend (Part 365)

Recovering from a busy (and expensive) weekend.
I went over to Mancs but spent most of my time in Oldham if i'm honest. We had a great night out with Rachel and her dishy boyfriend. But Rachel had her hand all strapped up as if she had broken it. Apparently she sprained it shutting a door, which sounded highly unlikely, but when she got really pissed later on she whispered to me in confession that she had actually done it whilst wiping her arse after having a shit!. I nearly wet myself when she told me. "it just happened" she said " i must have pressed on to hard at a funny angle and it sort of clicked".
I can understand her making up a story to cover it, i can't say Ive ever heard of anyone else doing such a thing. But then again who would tell?.

Daniel got absolutely rat arsed on Saturday, worse than i have seen him in a long time. We practically had to carry him home. I was staying at his house on a camp bed in his room and he slept with the washing up bowl under his face most of the night. He wasn't sick again because he'd more or less emptied the contents of his stomach before the taxi came and when he got home.
His mother was really pissed off by it and at one point started taking it out on me.
I could hardly say anything because i was three sheets to the wind as well.
When we got to bed Daniel did that really pissed "your my best mate you are, i love you" thing. Drink is a demon, but neither Daniel nor i are the type who get loud and violent. We love the world when we are pissed and will usually shag anyone.
It wasn't a sexy weekend. We didn't cop of with anyone. I didn't find someone to replace Jack. Daniel didn't find another Howard. We just had a laugh and got paralytic.

I'm getting to old for all this. I enjoyed it, but when it's over and I'm back home i feel deflated. I know I've let off steam, but it's back to the real world again, back to reality.
Never mind, that's life i suppose.

Friday, 4 December 2009

2 Nights in a row

That's twice in two days, i'm out again tonight, can my wallet stand it ?.
I'm going over to Mancs to meet Rachel and her boyfriend, Daniel and a couple of others.
So hopefully it will be like old times.

Last night was OK. Nothing special, more of a social party rather than a major drinking session. Which was just as well because the guy who's birthday it was has a few friends i wouldn't trust sober let alone drunk.
They did arrange a stripper for him but his girlfriend found out and put a stop to it. They showed me a video on someones phone of the one they had planned, she looked about 60 and weighed about 40stone and just seemed to humiliate her victim, as well as herself.
It's funny, you don't see Gay men getting strippers like that do you ?. If gay men get strippers they have to be attractive, No-one wants a comedy fat man. Or do they ?. Well i've never seen one anyway.

I did meet some nice people but most were on a social basis. Lots of women who i wouldn't wanna go out with. I'm sure that their nights out in Halifax would be at Jumping Jacks, rather than Humpin Jacks. One suggested a pub called the Cock and Bottle. But i don't think we were on the same wavelength and i'm sure she misheard me.
Right i'm outta here, have a good weekend. Don't be surprised if i don't post tomorrow, i may stop over ;-)))))

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Birthday party

Not much time to post today, super fast bit of blogging here because i'm going out.
Clean socks and knickers and outta the house to a Birthday party for someone at work. I have no idea who will be there, how many, what it will be like or when it will finish, but it might help me get to know some new people.

I feel a bit apprehensive. Don't wanna look a prat sat in the corner of a room full of people who know each other. Can be nothing worse than staring at the walls trying to pretend it's an interesting piece of art work.
I may be back home again in an hour if it's crap.
It seems strange to have a birthday party on a Thursday night when everyone has to get up for work the next morning so i'm assuming it's not gonna be a boozy doo.

There was some discussion about there being a surprise stripogram which sounds horrific. On the other hand if it were a male stripper that would be quite good. I can't see it happening though, the person who's birthday it is just so happens to have a girlfriend and from the limited conversations i have had with him wouldn't find it funny to have a man dancing round him waving his willy about.

One can but dream, catch ya laters..

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Daniel has eventually split with Howard and i had a 45 minute phone call with him this lunch time listening to all his woes.
He is coming over tonight to finish the story, which is nice because that makes twice in a week.
Once you split with someone all the little irritations that niggle at you are suddenly revealed to the world. According to Daniel amongst Howard's bad habits were cutting his toenails whilst they were watching TV. And a foot fetish that involved sweaty socks (bluuuuerrrghh) plus a computer full of pictures of young mens feet. Not kids i might add. Teens and early 20s. No older that 22 for some reason (how can you tell?).

Daniel said he liked to suck on his toes. But even though he knew they were his own feet he was sucking on, and he made sure they were super clean when he did (much to Howard's annoyance) he couldn't then bring himself to Kiss Howard afterwards knowing he had just had feet in his mouth LOL !.
I spent most of the call pissing myself laughing, and wrenching as well, i was having my lunch at the time.
I know i sound like a gossipy old woman but i'm looking forward to him dishing more dirt on Howard later on. There was a hint of weird bondage fantasy's as well so that sounds good. Ha!.
Anyways here's a picture in memory of Howard. I hope he doesn't read any of this.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Do you believe in something ?

"If we are all gods children what's so special about Jesus ?".

I had some Jehovah's witnesses knock on my door. They were actually just a nice old man and woman and i was half tempted to invite them in for a coffee, But i knew they would start asking questions about god and stuff.
Do you believe ?. I don't know really. I would like to, but i'm gay and that means i'm supposed to burn in hell for some reason. The bloke who lived next door to my mum and dad went to church so he will be ok, even though he once beat up his wife and spent two years in prison for selling drugs amongst other offences.
I'll never understand all that church and vicars and priests thing, but i can't believe that's it when we snuff it.
I want there to be more and when you consider all the things science learn about the universe every day, it all seems a little bit to regimented and wonderous to be nothing. I'm not talking about the Bible here i'm talking about something else. But i just don't know what.

In fact your caught between the doubters and the believers. The believers will have none of it. and your not even allowed to question anything, it's gospal and that's that. The none believers just piss themselves laughing at the very thought, when your dead it's lights out, nothing!.
I'm gonna stop writing now cos this all sounds far to embarrassing to write about.

Music i dance to at the weeeekeeend