Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Do you believe in something ?

"If we are all gods children what's so special about Jesus ?".

I had some Jehovah's witnesses knock on my door. They were actually just a nice old man and woman and i was half tempted to invite them in for a coffee, But i knew they would start asking questions about god and stuff.
Do you believe ?. I don't know really. I would like to, but i'm gay and that means i'm supposed to burn in hell for some reason. The bloke who lived next door to my mum and dad went to church so he will be ok, even though he once beat up his wife and spent two years in prison for selling drugs amongst other offences.
I'll never understand all that church and vicars and priests thing, but i can't believe that's it when we snuff it.
I want there to be more and when you consider all the things science learn about the universe every day, it all seems a little bit to regimented and wonderous to be nothing. I'm not talking about the Bible here i'm talking about something else. But i just don't know what.

In fact your caught between the doubters and the believers. The believers will have none of it. and your not even allowed to question anything, it's gospal and that's that. The none believers just piss themselves laughing at the very thought, when your dead it's lights out, nothing!.
I'm gonna stop writing now cos this all sounds far to embarrassing to write about.


vilges suola said...


People have the right to believe what they want so long as they keep it to their bloody selves. Nothing pisses me off more than someone witnessing to me for Jesus, or telling me I'm a hell-bound sinner because I love men and cock. They should not expect to be exempt from the law of the land if it conflicts with what ought to be private faith, as did that woman who refused as a registrar to officiate at gay civil partnerships because God does not like poufs. Get another job, you dozy cow. I'd also like the faithful to refrain from blowing up trains and buses on behalf of their prophet, and refusing to apply logic, reason and critical thinking to these pre-scientific texts, written by men who thought the earth was flat, who knew nothing about micro-organisms, the germ theory of disease, the theory of evolution by natural selection, or plate tectonics. All these things explain natural phenomena better than belief in an angry sky-god.

Have a look at my most recent blog post for examples of batty religious thinking.

End of rant.


Anonymous said...

mum and dad were faithful church goers i did my bit sunday school anyway i do believe in god but not the hype that goes with him like gays burning in hell but then says treating everyone equal DRU

drew said...

I was raised strict Catholic but am not one today. I do believe in God, but not the your going to hell for everything one. I liked what the reading of mediums tell us when they are trying to contact a loved one who has passed for a family. The ones who have passed all talk about unconditional love, period. They say that you do feel the pain you inflicted on others but you are forgiven. In heaven our earth is considered hell. There is an author, George Anderson, who has been a longstanding medium. You ought to just read a little of what he has heard from people on the other side. I feel very positive about passing and my afterlife, if I can live through this shit hole called earth...

Mambam said...

Did you say you were a teacher ?. I would have loved to have been i your class at school, it would have been far more entertaining than the bore that we had

I think i'm a bit like you, i'm making up my own god. I may even start my own cult. Everyone will have to allow me to have sex with them whenever i wish.

My only problem with mediums are the ones you see on TV. They only seem to be able to contact some 17th century whore, or a murdered highwayman that was bricked up in the wall of a castle. It's never a bus driver from Birmingham that just popped off last thursday after choking on a sandwich is it?.
I once read a book called the five people you meet in heaven.
From what i remember, none of the five were family or friends. Weird book really.

Mambam said...


I am living in hope that god looks like the guy in the picture

drew said...

I certainly understand your feelings about the TV types. George Anderson has been a medium for probably 30+ years and is not in the public eye.

I just like the fact that the people on the other side understand where we are coming from and feel for us. That give me some hope. I cannot and will not believe in the BS of most organized hate camps called religion.

Kyle said...

I am an atheist and a wiccan. Most of my spiritual philosophy is humanist in nature. I don't believe in the traditional afterlife, so the life we are living now is important to me. I also don't believe this is all for nothing, even though I don't believe in creator. Existence itself is a reason, as is learning and loving in this life. I'm thankful each day I open my eyes; each time I get to watch Stan lay next to me, every sunset, every friend, every fit of sorrow, every hurt, every fear gives my/our universe meaning.

Antony said...

I'm a pagan. It's much more free, you take what you want from the religion. It's about having power and control over your own life and respecting the earth.


A x