Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Daniel has eventually split with Howard and i had a 45 minute phone call with him this lunch time listening to all his woes.
He is coming over tonight to finish the story, which is nice because that makes twice in a week.
Once you split with someone all the little irritations that niggle at you are suddenly revealed to the world. According to Daniel amongst Howard's bad habits were cutting his toenails whilst they were watching TV. And a foot fetish that involved sweaty socks (bluuuuerrrghh) plus a computer full of pictures of young mens feet. Not kids i might add. Teens and early 20s. No older that 22 for some reason (how can you tell?).

Daniel said he liked to suck on his toes. But even though he knew they were his own feet he was sucking on, and he made sure they were super clean when he did (much to Howard's annoyance) he couldn't then bring himself to Kiss Howard afterwards knowing he had just had feet in his mouth LOL !.
I spent most of the call pissing myself laughing, and wrenching as well, i was having my lunch at the time.
I know i sound like a gossipy old woman but i'm looking forward to him dishing more dirt on Howard later on. There was a hint of weird bondage fantasy's as well so that sounds good. Ha!.
Anyways here's a picture in memory of Howard. I hope he doesn't read any of this.


vilges suola said...

Come on, Michael, a man's fantasies and fetishes are a man's fantasies and fetishes, and not to be mocked unless they involve actual bodily harm. Isn't that the point, partly, of having lovers - that they DON'T take the piss out of whatever aspect of the male body you happen to be fixated on? For the life of me I can't see what men get out of being pissed on, but then they might say I don't know what I'm missing.

naturgesetz said...

Nice that Daniel is getting used to trekking across the moors.

Anonymous said...

i bet howard used to wank in his shoes to dont get this foot fellish really did go with a lad who liked licking armpits bit strange having a guy wank all over them pmsl DRU

Antony said...

I don't get the feet fetish at all, lol.

A x

Anonymous said...

Daniel does appear closest to you. id known my partner about 5 years before we sort of got together . hope you don't mind me asking you this but could something happen between you two hope you dont take offence .. DRU

Gauss Jordan said...

Hey dude, everyone has a little freak in their closet. I'm with Daniel. I like certain things, but there's a limit there. ;-)