Thursday, 3 December 2009

Birthday party

Not much time to post today, super fast bit of blogging here because i'm going out.
Clean socks and knickers and outta the house to a Birthday party for someone at work. I have no idea who will be there, how many, what it will be like or when it will finish, but it might help me get to know some new people.

I feel a bit apprehensive. Don't wanna look a prat sat in the corner of a room full of people who know each other. Can be nothing worse than staring at the walls trying to pretend it's an interesting piece of art work.
I may be back home again in an hour if it's crap.
It seems strange to have a birthday party on a Thursday night when everyone has to get up for work the next morning so i'm assuming it's not gonna be a boozy doo.

There was some discussion about there being a surprise stripogram which sounds horrific. On the other hand if it were a male stripper that would be quite good. I can't see it happening though, the person who's birthday it is just so happens to have a girlfriend and from the limited conversations i have had with him wouldn't find it funny to have a man dancing round him waving his willy about.

One can but dream, catch ya laters..

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drucloud said...

hope you enjoy it and get on with everyone u might even get rat arsed and enjoy it even more DRU