Friday, 4 December 2009

2 Nights in a row

That's twice in two days, i'm out again tonight, can my wallet stand it ?.
I'm going over to Mancs to meet Rachel and her boyfriend, Daniel and a couple of others.
So hopefully it will be like old times.

Last night was OK. Nothing special, more of a social party rather than a major drinking session. Which was just as well because the guy who's birthday it was has a few friends i wouldn't trust sober let alone drunk.
They did arrange a stripper for him but his girlfriend found out and put a stop to it. They showed me a video on someones phone of the one they had planned, she looked about 60 and weighed about 40stone and just seemed to humiliate her victim, as well as herself.
It's funny, you don't see Gay men getting strippers like that do you ?. If gay men get strippers they have to be attractive, No-one wants a comedy fat man. Or do they ?. Well i've never seen one anyway.

I did meet some nice people but most were on a social basis. Lots of women who i wouldn't wanna go out with. I'm sure that their nights out in Halifax would be at Jumping Jacks, rather than Humpin Jacks. One suggested a pub called the Cock and Bottle. But i don't think we were on the same wavelength and i'm sure she misheard me.
Right i'm outta here, have a good weekend. Don't be surprised if i don't post tomorrow, i may stop over ;-)))))


Anonymous said...

just found your blog from you following mine;) consider me a follower now, I love that you do a journal blog as well.....have fun tonight;)

naturgesetz said...

I guess you sorta owed Daniel a trip to Mancs. But maybe the person who suggested the Cock and Bottle didn't mishear you. If it's any good you can tell Daniel about it for his next visit.

drucloud said...

hope you enjoy it and have loads of fun.

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