Monday, 7 December 2009

Drunken weekend (Part 365)

Recovering from a busy (and expensive) weekend.
I went over to Mancs but spent most of my time in Oldham if i'm honest. We had a great night out with Rachel and her dishy boyfriend. But Rachel had her hand all strapped up as if she had broken it. Apparently she sprained it shutting a door, which sounded highly unlikely, but when she got really pissed later on she whispered to me in confession that she had actually done it whilst wiping her arse after having a shit!. I nearly wet myself when she told me. "it just happened" she said " i must have pressed on to hard at a funny angle and it sort of clicked".
I can understand her making up a story to cover it, i can't say Ive ever heard of anyone else doing such a thing. But then again who would tell?.

Daniel got absolutely rat arsed on Saturday, worse than i have seen him in a long time. We practically had to carry him home. I was staying at his house on a camp bed in his room and he slept with the washing up bowl under his face most of the night. He wasn't sick again because he'd more or less emptied the contents of his stomach before the taxi came and when he got home.
His mother was really pissed off by it and at one point started taking it out on me.
I could hardly say anything because i was three sheets to the wind as well.
When we got to bed Daniel did that really pissed "your my best mate you are, i love you" thing. Drink is a demon, but neither Daniel nor i are the type who get loud and violent. We love the world when we are pissed and will usually shag anyone.
It wasn't a sexy weekend. We didn't cop of with anyone. I didn't find someone to replace Jack. Daniel didn't find another Howard. We just had a laugh and got paralytic.

I'm getting to old for all this. I enjoyed it, but when it's over and I'm back home i feel deflated. I know I've let off steam, but it's back to the real world again, back to reality.
Never mind, that's life i suppose.


drew said...

Everybody gets the let down after partying. It comes with the territory. Going back to work and getting your mind off it all will be your savior... Hell, you will be ready for the next bout in no time!!

naturgesetz said...

No doubt his mother feels it's all your fault he got that drunk.

BTW, I realized that you must have misunderstood the name of that pub in Halifax. It has to be the Cork and Bottle, but the person who told you has a New England accent and drops r's at the end of syllables. LOL

drucloud said...

must admit i always hated going back to work after a heavy weekend like that .i would rather have sed ad punched a ten year old than admit to that lol . as for weekend yes its expensive but always worth every penny. anyway am sure another jack isn't far behind . DRU

drucloud said...

by the way today`s pick looks Italian very yummy thats without looking at the bulge which is hardly ever!!!!.

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww the after party blues...been there done that.....all in all, sounds like a fun time...the sprained arm story made me snort oj out my nose, way funny....the pic, yummers;)

Mambam said...

Thanks for your comments.
You are invited on my next weekend out ;-)

drucloud said...

If its in halifax i think id pass nottinghams loads better

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the invitation. I'm afraid I can't make it, but if I can have a rain check, I'll be happy to join you when I'm in your county (or shire, to use the Anglo-Saxon word).

Gauss Jordan said...

So... you didn't find a replacement for Jack, and Daniel didn't find a replacement for Howard... but you discovered Jack Daniels?

I've escorted home friends after rough nights like this as well... once a cab rolled up to us, almost stopped, saw my friend, and just kept rolling down the street. I think we hit a new low that night.

Mambam said...

If i said we were all gonna come back to my place, strip off and have a jelly and baby oil party would that help change your mind ?