Friday, 11 December 2009

The Weekend Starts here

I've just noticed i've got 93 followers. Where the bloody hell did they come from ?.
That's what adding an erotic picture here and there does for you i supposed.

It's weeeeekend again and i have a few things planned. All involve going out, but on Sunday afternoon i have invited Daniel, Rachel and her sexy boyfriend over.
I am gonna cook something so i've told them to book a couple of days off work next week just in case they need it to recover from food poisoning.
Rachel said that would be fine as her arse is getting a bit fat anyway and she could do with losing a few pounds.
If Ian does decide to call i will be too busy with my house guests so that will also help me avoid him.

I'm gonna go to Mancs tomorrow. Some Xmas shopping with Daniel and his mum (how cool does that sound ?) she is driving us to the Trafford Center and we can spend a nice quiet leisurely afternoon looking in shop windows. I have no money to spend so i don't know why i'm going. Just for something to do i suppose. Imagine that, the Trafford Center on a Saturday afternoon so near to Christmas. Sound like fun eh?.
Then Daniel will come back here and stop the night Saturday.
Whether we go out round here or not is another thing. I'm trying to get him to give Huddersfield a go.

Tonight i feel knackered. So After Jonathan Ross on the Telly, it's Bath and bed. A quick off the cuff wank, throw the tissue on the bedroom floor (pick it up in the morning) and drift straight off to sleep 30 seconds after i've climaxed.
Have you ever done that ?. Isn't it a nice relaxing way to go to sleep. The second you have cum you do a quick clean up and then drift away.
Sorry, i'm getting too graphic here aren't i ?.

This blog takes minutes to do. I don't really think about what i'm gonna write before i sit at the computer. I just load a picture and start tapping. What comes out, comes out.
I must use the delete button more.
Have a good weekend everybody.


vilges suola said...

You must tell us what Huddersfield is like of an evening if you go. It's my home town, not that I'd ever think of going back if my mum didn't still live there. I know less about it than I do about Cambridge and Athens where I lived after leaving. Since it got the university, it has livened up quite a bit, but what always strikes me when I go there is what bloody ugly buggers most of the lads are.

Anonymous said...

Hey I will be viewing Jonathan Ross tonight on bbc yes, um that is a very nice way to go to sleep;)

Ryan said...

Sounds like you always have such a busy life going on! Love it! And yeah, thats a wonderful way to fall asleep, and never too graphic!

Lots of love,

jlo said...

I love falling asleep that way

Anonymous said...

It's my favourite night cap also.

There will be lots of football fans around as United are at home.

Kidnap yourself a cute scally.

thegayte-keeper said...

Yeah the erotic photos brings them to your blog...a trick a learned a while back...

drucloud said...

would be hell shopping their lots of spoil kids single mums chavs would av hated it DRU

Mambam said...

Didn't go to Hudds. But when we do i'll let you know.

Jonathan Ross on America ?. god knows what they think of him.

It's better than sleeping pills

most nights ;-)

and i'm sure all those football fans will be going off to sleep in the same way.

But is that all they look at ?.

Yes you would have hated it. Like i did.

thegayte-keeper said...

Well it brings there and the message keeps them...