Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dodgy Ian

I had a call from Ian tonight. He said he was going over to Bradford this weekend and might stop off at my place to say hello if i'm about.
I'm really suspicious about this. Ian is a dodgy Druggy, why is he going to Bradford ? and why pop by to see me ?.
If you knew him you would understand why i wrote that last sentence, i'm not paranoid, i just know when i shouldn't really have anything to do with him. He is a great guy and has been a good friend but he has never been normal and was always a bit dodgy, You just know that to stay friends with him it's best to keep him at arms length. I said i was gonna be out this weekend, but he is the type who will call to say hello anyway just in case. I need to make sure i'm not in for two days at least.

I saw a car crash on my way home from work tonight. It wasn't anything serious just broken glass and scratched paintwork. Both drivers were at fault, but they got out and started fighting in the middle of the road as all the other cars tried to get round them.
There is no stopping drivers when they are on their way home from work, fight or no fight, people were prepared to mow them both down rather than sit and wait.
Which pissed one of them even more and he started hitting cars with his hand as they drove past.
As i got nearer i recognised him as one of the guys who works at our place. I don't know him that well, and after tonight i don't think i want to either. Prat !


drucloud said...

ah this is the ian who has mate called steve isn`t it the one who has a pet sausage!!!!! ad be out all weekend to DRU

Anonymous said...

Im new to your blog, dont know the entire story about Ian, but sounds like you shouild go with your gut and be gone....the driver thing, yea we have crazy ones in America too......


drucloud said...

by the way the guy in the pic love to be banging the arse yes please ..