Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sunday Morning Glory

Don't laugh, but i was invited to join a football team today.

Some of the blokes in the Warehouse play Sunday footy and asked if i was interested. Thinking about it the after match changing and shower thing sounds good, but then again, it's Sunday Morning and it involves getting up and running around in the fucking freezing weather whilst its pissing down.
No Chance.
It was nice to be asked though. I seem to be getting on well with some of these people. I'm just not sure they all know I'm not hetero and won't be interested in a night out looking for some "birds to shag". One lad called Ben keeps mentioning that he will take me out round town to show me what a good night out is, and i am certain he has the wrong end of the stick.
I hate it when this happens, you have every intention of telling people but sometimes you sort of miss the moment and it just gets awkward from then on.

Anyway i said no thanks and am leaving it to someone else to tell him. I'm fucking sick of telling people. You get like that sometimes don't you?. Why so you have to explain your way through life ?. Fuck em.


Anonymous said...

it does get old having to explain all the time.....the up early in the cold thing, a big NO on that one here as well.....the shower scene, however...welll...... ;)

drucloud said...
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drucloud said...

try again shall I . cant see the problem in going out with a group of lads from work?.if they haven guessed by then they must be a bit slow.prob most of them couldnt give a flying fuck if your gay or straight as long as you can have a laugh worth a try.
can see the point in Sunday mornings fuck that mind you if the lads are anything like in the photo i may take it up :) DRU

Paul said...

Dru, what is it you're taking up?
Matt, stop worrying,you hardly seem closeted. Think of it as an educational exercise. If they're unhappy, it's their problem. Let Daniels teach them otherwise

drucloud said...

playing football Paul what else could it possibly mean :)

vilges suola said...

Christ, do you actually know the rules of football? I don't, nor do I care that I don't. Sport has always been something THEY do, the straights, and I've never given a toss about it. Like most gay blokes I have done weight training on and off so I can admire my biceps in the bathroom mirror, but scoring goals for a team... who gives a fuck?

Mambam said...

I do like a bit of sport when i'm in the mood, but i'm not really interested, i don't support any team and can take it or leave it.
I seem to attract a certain type of bloke. Although i am out i am not camp or shout it from the rooftops so unless i say most don't know. For some reason the type of guys who get friendly with me tend to be real hetero, straight down the line mens men who i never know whether they are homophobic or not. You just know sometimes from conversations with guys how the wind blows without having to say anything.
it's difficult to explain but gaydar isn't just about knowing who the gays are, it's also feeling who the homophobs might be as well.

Jason Shaw said...

Ya never know he could be wanting to take you and show you what a big willy he has!