Sunday, 13 December 2009


It's a Sunday night and i've had quite a good weekend.

Yesterday was a bit iffy. Shopping at Christmas is hell. Even if you see something you wanna buy the queue is that long you can't be arsed to wait.
Today i had Rachel and her fella, with Daniel, all round for the afternoon. I got a Crispy duck thing from tescos that was supposed to be enough for 4-6 people. But when it came out of the oven there was just about enough for a gob full each.
So i had to go to plan B and raid the freezer for something i could stick in the microwave before we all starved.

I'm no good at this entertaining lark. Dinner parties are not my thing.
Afterwards we drank the contents of the garage (apart from Rachel's boyf, the driver) and i think they all went home happy.
Thankfully there was no sign of Ian but I'm pretty sure he will still be pestering me sometime in the future.

Daniel was a bit quiet, he didn't mention Howard, he said he would ring me this week to update me on the latest. I thought they had split so what the latest is i don't know.


Anonymous said...

with enough booze all things work out;)

peace my friend

drucloud said...

got most of my presents yesterday wasnt so bad was banging on the doors at 9 am except my will give nephew money this year as last year he wanted cds one band was called
PISSED JEANS honest thought he was taking the piss but no.
glad it went alight over the weekend microwaves are life savers ....DRU