Monday, 14 December 2009

A long break

Daniel didn't ring tonight, he said he will get in touch later on in the week. His text didn't spell it like that it just said "ring L8trs". I hate text speak. It gets on my tits.

I have been informed today that we may be breaking up for Christmas at the weekend. A certain order is looking dodgy as the customer is notoriously bad at paying. If he doesn't bacs a payment to us by Wednesday the order will not be going out and this will mean we will have more stock than we require and production stops.
There would have been a time when i would have been excited by the prospects of a longer Christmas holiday but not this time. I like it where i work and i want the company to do well. I'd like to finish before Christmas eve so i can do all my shopping but not for a whole week!.
It's interesting to see how people react to such news. Some are whooping with joy, others are panicking thinking the company is gonna go bust.

Ryan asked me today if i was interested in going for a Christmas drink with his boring mate. As long as i can lose his mate somewhere under a bus, Yes !.


Jason Shaw said...

Hope all goes well. Can't stand txt spke 2,

Love that pic btw - looks like my ex!

Anonymous said...

Im new to the blog, so I must ask Who is danielle? Boyfriend, just a mate?

I hate text talk as well, ikt takes me foreve to figure out what it all

Mambam said...

Can have your ex's name, address and telephone number ?.

Daniel is a long time close friend. Never been a boyfriend. To close for that.