Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas remembered

I've had my best Christmas in years. I don't wanna dwell on the past so lets just say it's been a family Christmas that i have been missing. it's been a bit relentless though. Visiting, and crowds of people practically every day.It feels like a never ending party and i'll be honest, there were times when i just wanted a break from it all. Best bits were my nephews and nieces. If you don't have kids i recommend you borrow a couple for Christmas. They are great fun and make everything special. Send them back for New Year of course but they are brilliant for a day or two.

And you have a good excuse to play with toys as well. Whilst they play with the box, you get to work pressing all the buttons and turning the nobs.
One of the kids got a Hole in the wall cash machine (money box) complete with cash card and pin number. Whats all that about ?. Cash machines are for taking money out of, not putting into.
My cold is lots better, maybe because i gave all alcohol a wide birth over Xmas. But i assume i have gathered a bit of a reputation because every time i refused a drink the person offering looked puzzled and gave out a loud 'whoooooooo' sound.
It was just nice to be with my family again. No one said anything about the past, we just carried on like we used to. I even got presents from people. Which was slightly embarrassing because i didn't get them anything back. I had put this sort of family get together in the past, to be forgotten and never revisited. It was great.

Sky News was at the Trafford Center on Boxing day doing a report on the sales. Daniel said he was there and was excitedly telling me on the phone that he saw them broadcasting live from the scene. "so ?" i said. What is so exciting about that ?.
I'm pretty sure that given half a chance he would have been one of those pratts who stand behind waving like a nob head.

Daniel and i have been invited to a house party on New Years Eve. The problem is, it's Steve who has invited us and i can imagine what sort of party it would be.
On one hand we both dismiss it as a no show. But at the same time neither of us is dismissing it completely and find it amusing that we might actually go, just for the hell of it.
I hopw you had a nice Christmas and are enjoying the break. I'm told that in America they only have Christmas day and then it's back to work.
You poor sods.
I'm not back till January the 4th. Happy Days.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great holiday...and yep, most of us in the states had to work Christmas eve, and then right back to work the day after ...poor sods is right;)


naturgesetz said...

Glad you had such a fine Christmas.

If you go to the house party, enjoy yourself and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Anonymous said...

Well, I see I wss not the only one who had a good time.
wishing you the best for 2010

drucloud said...

who sead Christmas was just for kids eh? bet ur chuffed with the Christmas you had mind you this year has been hectic to say the least for you so a family Christmas brings it all home
something like that anyway.
as for new year why not go what could possibly go wrong !!!!.. take care DRU