Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas Everybody

That's it for work now until January 4th 2010.
We all finished at lunchtime, but some of the others went for a drink before going home. I decided to give it a miss. I don't feel up to it and i need to shake as much of this cold off as possible or my Christmas is gonna be crap.

I'm a bit worried about all the snow. I'm supposed to be going over to my mum and dads for Christmas Day but travel looks bad. It's ok as long as you keep to the main roads but neither i, nor my mum and dad, live on a main road. I have to drive up an ungritted road and then onto our street, which is an un adopted avenue that never ever sees a gritter.
I'll worry about that in the morning.

Daniel Said that he is seeing his Auntie tonight so won't be going out. That was fine by me, i think we both knew i wasn't gonna be up to a Christmas eve out on the town. Best save it up for New Years eve.
So i'm gonna spend a boring night in front of the telly with a cup of Lemsip and my feet up.
It's Christmas eve so there must be something on TV surely ?.
Well no actually there isn't ive looked. Typical.

Anyways, on that depressing note. A Happy Christmas to you all, have a great time, don't drink too much ;-)be careful who you sleep with, play safe,remember to carry some mistletoe in your undies and if you are lucky enough to meet the man of your dreams take a naked picture of him and send it to me. It'll be much more interesting to look at than the shit on my TV at the moment.


drew said...

I am sure everything will turn out fine for your Christmas. I would pay to have some snow for Christmas. Hope you feel better and Happy New Years!!!

Jason Shaw said...

I'm sure things will be fine, you'll have a lovely Christmas full of happiness and laughter. If not come down here!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday full of family, love and far as the naked pics, if you get any do send them my way, the telly here in America for Christmas eve isnt much better Im affraid;)

Have a good one my friend

Anonymous said...

hop you get better soon mate am sure the roads will be kind to you tomorrow.
very nice picture today god knows how big that is errect HAPPY CHRISTMAS

naturgesetz said...

Happy Christmas!

I hope the travel goes well.

thegayte-keeper said...


Marcelo said...

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Seth said...

A very special and happy holiday season to you!!

K@RL said...

Merry Christmas Mambam! Big hug, Carlo

Mambam said...

Thanks everyone hope you had a good one......Christmas i mean.