Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Winter Cold

Oh no
That 'bit of a cold' has turned into a full blow affair. Strangely I don’t feel as bad as I apparently look. Sneezing can be quite enjoyable sometimes. It’s like a little mini orgasm if it's done right, so I don’t mind that too much. I wonder what it would be like to sneeze at the same time as you have a proper orgasm ?. In fact imagine a sneeze, an orgasm and scratching an itch all at the same time. I'm not sure your partner would be impressed but it would blow your socks off i'm sure. LOL.

Sorry i'm rambling now, back to the subject. Apart from the fact that my eyes are streaming and I feel really tired I’m not too bad on the inside. I can still eat and am on about 20 cups of tea a day to suppress the sore throat, but apart from that I think I’m OK.

Peoples reactions to me are two fold.
One, sympathy because I apparently look like I’m dying. Two, they run away as if I’m a leper about to pass on an incurable disease.
I’ve even had someone stand in front of me with a hanky over their mouth. I can understand I suppose. I have now been relegated to my own desk in the corner of the office. I have my own cup for tea and am not allowed to sit with the rest for lunch LOL.
No one wants a cold for flu for Christmas.
Including me.

i got a call from Daniel at lunchtime and he has one as well. We sounding like a couple of old men on the phone talking about our ailments.
He is a bit more of a wus though. He doesn't have a cold, it's flu, and he thinks it's swine flu. I once had flu. I wouldn't have been capable of talking to anyone on the phone. In fact i couldn't be arsed to walk across the room from what i remember.
There is a huge difference between a cold and flu. But on the recommendation of Paul from yesterdays comments i did suggest i could come over and rub some vicks on his chest.
He didn't laugh. Miserable git.


Anonymous said...

if u r offering a rub ;)

hope u feel better

Paul said...

Perhaps , I could help by rubbing something onto your chest? Unfortunately though, I'm a cheapskate and would have to buy it in Home Bargains or Wilkinsons at one third of the price.

drew said...

Some of the flu bugs we are getting in the US are like a cold but you can't get rid of the damn things unless you start on antibiotics. I had one that I had to worry about getting to much in my lungs. Once I started on the Zpac it was on the mend in two days. I tried the over the counter stuff but no help...

Mambam said...

If you are in the area your welcome. Warm Baby oil is supposed to be good for the chest....i think ;-)

It could have been worse you could be saying Netto or Poundstretcher

I hope i don't have to go down that route, I'm still at the paracetamol and Vitamin C tablets stage.