Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas rant.

I Think I am starting with a cold. That’s all I need for Christmas.

So I went to the chemist to buy some drugs that will do nothing to stop it coming, but will make me at least fell like I’m trying to suppress the symptoms. (Do cold remedies ever work? I don’t think so)
Anyways don't you think Chemists seem to have only one speed. Slow. In fact I’m convinced that when they disappear round the back to make up prescriptions they are actually playing cards or watching telly. How long can it take to measure out half a dozen pills for fuck sake?
I know they have to be careful they don’t kill someone by giving the wrong dose, but sometimes it feels like time itself has stopped.

I discovered the downside to living in a house with a drive. Snow!
At least when I parked on the roadside the gritters cleared it for me. Here I have to get out a shovel and start digging myself.

Most hated commercial on TV right now ?. "I'm a PC and Windows 7 was my idea" Piss off you smug git !.

I've had three Christmas cards from neighbours. I know it's them because there was no address or stamp on the front and they were all posted separate to the rest of the post.
The only problem is i don't know who they are. Who the hell is Jean and Steve ?.
Why didn't they put a house number on it ?.

On my way to work this morning i saw someone slip on some ice. It's not funny really but she did it in a Flintstones type way so it was. Her legs were everywhere in all directions, but her head and body stayed in the same place.


Anonymous said...

I hope u feel better soon, and u r right...they take forever.


btw: I hate that comercial too

Paul said...

This is the first Christmas in about 10 years I won't be laid up with flu, touch wood. Having said that the flu jabs, (winter and swine) that I had yesterday are killing me. Hop you feel better soon. Get someone cute to rub some vicks on your chest.

naturgesetz said...

Echinacea seems to work if you start with it early enough in the cold. It's supposed to boost the immune system. I take 2 caplets of 400 mg each at each mealtime (that's 6 caplets per day) for three or four days, and it seems to work. Maybe it's all psychosomatic, but I don't care as long as the cold stops developing and goes away. (My aunt who must be 85 but could pass for 65 gave me the recommendation.)

"Gritters" is a new one on me. I take it they're the ones who plow the snow and sand the streets. Probs the highway department in winter mode.

When I had a driveway to shovel (and walkways) I tried to treat it as recreation — carve a block with the shovel, lift, and toss. Sometimes I'd see how far I could toss it. Sometimes I'd build a wall with it. Now I hire a plowman/ploughman for the driveway, and a good neighbo(u)r generally takes care of the sidewalks and the walks from the street with his snowblower/snowblougher (LOL). So all I have for recreational shoveling is a short stretch of sidewalk the he doesn't do because it's beyond my front door and I don't need it, and the walk from the back doo(u)r (LOL) to the garage.

Does the City of Halifax produce a list of residents? If so you could find out who near you are named Jean and Steve and invite them over for drinks.

Mambam said...

Thanks for that
i like the idea of finding someone to rub vicks on me, or better still i could rub him as well
Someone else suggested Echinacea but i think i'm way beyond stopping it, best let runs it's course now. Gritters, put grit sand and salt on the roads here.
Halifax is a town not a city and i don't think there is a list of residents anywhere that i could look up that easily. Not for the sake of a Christmas card anyway.

vilges suola said...

Being rubbed with Vicks is about the most anaphrodisiac thing I can think of - it stinks of illness, just like disinfectant smells dirty by association with bogs and urinals. Get a nasal spray. No erotic potential in them (that I can see) but they do work.

What is the bloody point of Christmas cards? I got four this year, which means I'm not being enough of a miserable cunt. Must try harder next year.

Just packed a suitcase the size of a small garden shed with clothes, food and wine to take up to Huddersfield IF the trains are running tomorrow. Why do we bother with all this every year? Makes me want to find a (luxury) hut in a forest and hide until January.

naturgesetz said...

Hereabouts the town clerks actually publish the lists. The listings are by street, then there is an alphabetical index. So you can find who lives at a certain address, and you can find where someone lives.

The street listings include occupation and year of birth, so we call it the "nosy book."

LX said...

That add uses the strangest people... I actually thought it was a smear campaign by mac at first.