Monday, 21 December 2009

Thanks god for the snow

After my eventful weekend i could have done with a day off today. And with the help of a blizzard of snow yesterday i managed to get half a day at least.
I rang in to say i might be late before i even set off and was told not to rush because everyone else is in the same boat. Brilliant.

I still feel a bit off though. My stomach, my head, i feel really tired and could happily roll up into a ball and fall asleep on the office floor.

Ryan thought i was funny the other night so at least i know I'm not an annoying drunk. Apparently i was very jolly and entertaining. Maybe a bit too friendly, but nothing offencive (phew). He reminded me that i kissed him on the cheek. I am blushing as i write this. He is not gay and thankfully laughed it off because i was doing it as a joke. Some girls at work kept asking for Christmas kisses whilst carrying mistletoe so i thought he should have one as well. Once he told me about this i remembered. it came back to me in a flash. He had a very smooth cheek and it was cold because we had just walked into a pub from a cold street.
I'm gonna cut down on the drinking this Christmas, i can't afford it and I'm making a fool of myself.
As i type this there is a program on telly called 'The Whale that blew up in the street'
It's all about a dead sperm whale that exploded in the middle of a Taiwan street in January 2004.
Eh ?


Anonymous said...

we got blasted with snow here to, but I work from home so no day off for me...nice pic btw;0

drew said...

I was supposed to fly to New York but that didn't happen.. I live on the coast of VA so we missed the snow but everyone else got blasted with it... drinking with fellow employees is a bit tricky. I think once you all get to really know each other it will work itself out. Does Ryan know you are gay?

Octavius said...

Office parties are good like that..., is why I never go to them.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun, even the though the aftermath is a little too difficult to beer.

I wouldn't worry too much about Ryan, he obviously still likes you , or he wouldn't be talking to you.


Anonymous said...

get the feeling ryan may have twiged but cant see it bothering him . not as eager to get into my work slightest drop of snow and their on the phone in a flash dru

naturgesetz said...

I hope you're at least finding one or two decent pubs in Halifax as a result of all this carousing.

Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes away soon. Well most people were happy for the snow...i wish i had some

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you have survived again, more or less in one piece. How do you do it? All the men kiss round here, twice for friends, four times for close friends and family. It's great! Take care and have a good break - Peter-D (in the south of France).