Sunday, 20 December 2009

Who's a naughty boy ?

I can only apologise for my previous post.
The answer to the question can you post when you are pissed is, yes, but only if you wanna embarrass yourself by writing shit.

On the other hand i was very close to inviting a stranger round for sex, so it's as well i kept in touch with you all in case i got murdered.
I actually went on Gaydar and because i couldn't see anything i liked and no one was forthcoming (as in instantly wanting a meet NOW!) i then logged onto Gaydar chat.
Thankfully the only people who contacted me seemed to live in the London area. But that was no surprise because i logged into chat rooms without thinking.
There were some really weird themed rooms.
I understand things like bears, bondage, Bikers Bi Guys, water sports and Muscle etc. But there were some strange chat rooms amongst all these.
Bed Baths, Cabin Crew (BA Staff i presume) Cock smells (eeeurgh!!) Deaf men ?, Docking ?. Equestrian, Intellectuals (there was no one in that room)Macintosh users, Art & Design ?. Fucking hell.

Anyway i stayed away from all the strange men on gaydar and went to bed alone. But it was a close call. The right man and i could have been writing about my shameful night with a stranger and worrying whether i did something i shouldn't have.
Anyway i am suffering the consequences of my weekend already, i feel like crap, it's all catching up on me. It's snowing like there is no tomorrow outside so i may as well go back to bed.


Anonymous said...

sorry you hAD TO SLEEP alone, but very glad you are safe and sound in your own home....btw: snowing like crazy here too;)

Windswept said...

Hi mate, You did fine, so far as I can see, and your post was very honest, if only a tad alarming.

I am glad you stayed safe though, plenty of other nights for a more sober "roll in the hay" in Halifax to be had.

Ps) I somehow stumbled across your blog the other week, and I must say, I like your honest, open & witty way of putting down your observations of your life, You seem like a sound bloke.

All the Best.


naturgesetz said...

I think your feelings and appetites that evening are not uncommon. Loneliness can do that to you. Perhaps it wasn't your better judgment that prevailed to save you from doing something you wouldn't have done in your sober moments, perhaps it was just circumstances. If so you can thank whoever you thank — God, lucky stars, etc. — for the circumstances of no one attractive and nearby.

So instead of doing something you'd have regretted, you get a little piece of self-awareness that may be good to have as you go along.

And I agree with what Windswept says about "your honest, open & witty way of putting down your observations of your life."

Mambam said...

I stayed a good boy

a roll in the hay is a good description. or perhaps just a good old fashioned shag

I think it is more luck than anything. Lucky that the effects of drink hit my sleepy head before someone answered my call.