Saturday, 19 December 2009


I decided to go with the others for a nice quite Christmas drink after work last night.
That's why i never blogged yesterday. I wasn't capable of seeing the keys let alone type anything. I didn't drink that much in quantity, but because it was Christmas i drank different things.

I'm not the sort of person who drinks shorts. I don't really like things like whisky and rum. I like them even less now.
I broke my own drinking rule..never mix your drinks !!
I can still taste some of it now. It's not as if i had a fantastic night either, because after the first hour it all went downhill from there as i descended into a mess. First i get the blood shot eyes, then the silly grin, then my mouth stops working properly and eventually my brain goes for a walk and live the rest of my body to fend for itself.

And just to make things worse. I may have to have some 'hair of the dog' tonight. I'm not sure if this expression travels the world. I don't actually know what it means either and in a different mood i'd look it up on the web to find out where it comes from (but i can't be arsed).
Basically it means having another drink to counteract the hangover. I'm actually supposed to be going out again tonight so it will be needed. At the moment the very smell of any kind of booze could help me empty the contents of my stomach all over this computer but I'm sure I'll be OK after something to eat and a sleep. I hope.
I embarrassed myself be telling Ryan how good looking he was and mentioning to his mate that he comes across as a bit of a twat sometimes (he was a bit taken back by that). I didn't exactly strip off and dance naked on the tables but if anyone had suggested i did i'm sure i would have.

I think I'll take it easy tonight.


vilges suola said...

'A hair of the dog that bit us last night' been used in English at least since 16th century. Apparently they used to think if a rabid dog bit you, you could avoid getting rabies if you applied a hair from the same dog to the bite. All goes to show how wrong you can be. Anyway, now it means more booze to cure your hangover. Works temporarily, but then you get a hangover from the hair of the dog. At some point it has to catch up with you.

Anonymous said...

I still havent recovered from the last time I mixxed drinks and that was two weeks ago, lol....seriously my trick for a hangover is mashed potatoes, they soak up the booze, I promise they work......if I had been there, I might have suggested the strip off and dance thing...just

naturgesetz said...

Ah yes, hair of the dog that bit you. Just don't take as much. LOL. I always found that three aspirin before retiring took care of things (but maybe I wasn't quite as badly wasted as you). The other thing to try is water. One rule is that if you drink as much water as booze, you'll be okay.

Dunno what's so terrible about mixing drinks. I sometimes have bourbon and rum in the same drink, and no noticeable ill effects. And lots of cocktails have different types of booze. I suspect the real problem is the quantity of absolute alcohol, rather than the flavo(u)ring of the different types. Especially if you're used to drinking beer, you get a lot more alcohol into your system from hard liquor, pint for pint.

And your remarks to Ryan and his mate are the sort of thing that happens at office parties, which is why office parties aren't an entirely great idea.

vilges suola said...

Yeah, mixing drinks is not the issue. Alcohol is alcohol, after all. But whisky packs a hell of a wallop in a small amount of liquid. (Am drinking Laphroaig right now, so I know.) Naturgesetz is right: take painkillers before you go to bed, the morning after is too late.

Now, you see how we worry about you, Michael. Hope you wore a vest and a wooly muffler tonight, none of this erect nipples and pubic hair showing.