Thursday, 17 December 2009

Model Looks

Sheila at work has been talking about here friend for a while now. Apparently she does some modeling work (fashion) and is extremely pretty.
Today we met her friend, and her boyfriend, when they came to drop off some keys for Sheila. I know it's wrong to judge people by their looks, how terrible would i be if i did that. On the other hand, this woman looked like a freak. Not a bit attractive and completely the opposite to how i imagined her to be. Her eyes were too far apart and she was as white as a sheet. On the other hand, her boyfriend was a black guy called Frank. He was as fit as fuck. Obviously went to the gym on a regular basis and had a body that superman would have been proud of. I asked him if he did any modeling as well.
"fuck, no" he said "i work for W H Smiths"

This is not him, but it's how i imagine him to look underneath his cloths, and in my wanking dreams later on tonight.

I have decided to stay in tonight. I need to spend a bit more time on the house. I don't even have any trimmings or a tree up. I have nothing chrismasy about.
Someone in the comments suggested.... no said.. that this house was my Christmas present to myself. And your right young man, it is !
Time to appreciate it a little more i think. After all, I'm fucking paying enough for it.


Anonymous said...

sometimes once they do make up and hair the models are

much luck on the house my friend;)

Anonymous said...

Get yourself a christmas tree.
Do it now.

drucloud said...

i agree you had a hell of a year the house jack new job should be fucking proud of yourself even if things didnt happen with jack things worked them self out for the better...DRU

Anonymous said...

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