Monday, 9 August 2010


We still haven't sorted our visas for American yet so i have been summoned to my parents at the weekend to help them fill it in online.

Apparently the cheeky buggers are gonna charge for a visa from September so we need to sort them out before then.
I'm dreading it. My parents are useless when it comes to this sort of thing, they know nothing about the internet and can't understand why you can't just write something in when it's a tick box only form.
We've been through it all before and i end up getting annoyed.
My mum once gave me a 20 page booklet and asked me if i could fax it on the Internet to my auntie Barbara in Cleethorpes.
Trying to explain to her that it wasn't quite as simple as that was like trying to tell a caveman how television works.
In the end she said she would ask Uncle Eric to do it instead "it will be less hassle"
It took him a week to scan it and get it ready before he got back to ask for the email address to send it too. Mum didn't have it so asked him to look it up on the phone book.
It turned out Auntie didn't even own a computer....

Had a call from Daniel tonight asking me if i wanna go see a stripper on Friday !. LOL.
There is a private party for a mutual friend in Mancs and they have arrange a strippagram for her. I suppose we could just pop in and have a look couldn't we ?.
Must remember to take my camera ;-).


Mind Of Mine said...

Bless your Mother, faxing a book!

MadeInScotland said...

What do you need visas for? UK passport holders can get there on visa waiver program...


Jason Shaw said...

Lol my mother is just the same. She once asked me to send an email to a relation in Canada, and attach some birthday cake to it???

Oldies, such hard work to bring up!

Hugs a plenty.

Paul said...

My mum is no different. She always asked for help tuning into the Archers! (She didn't know what station it was on, she thought it was called Radio Archers!) She'd have died rather than try to understand computers.

Then again, I've spent the afternoon trying to explain twitter to someone!

Anonymous said...

I'd check on the need for a visa. I've been to England from the United States twice, and I didn't need a visa either time. The U.S. is going "immigration crazy" in certain places, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply to white Europeans (take that last statement with an ironic grain of salt).

Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend Mr Bannerman.

Mambam said...

Mind of mine
She still doesn't understand
i've checked and it's some sort of esta thing
LOL, wouldn't it be good if you could actually do that though ?
I've tried twitter and got bored
We will let anyone in so it doesn't surprise me that you didn't need a visa to come here. America on the other hand is a little more picky.
Do i know you . (Eg. have we shagged...?)

Anonymous said...


I wish.

You popped up on giggle and no I wasn't stalking you.