Friday, 9 November 2012

Moan moan moan

Thank god it's Friday. I'm still living for the weekend. I might not take it so heavy as I used to but I still look forward to it. Cash flow always puts a dampener on things. It costs a bloody fortune. There was a time when I spent my entire wage at a weekend. But now i have to subtract my bills first and there's hardly enough left to buy a round of drinks let alone get blotto.

I'm sick of the scene anyway. It's the same old faces and it's boring. There's the loud ones, the acid queens, the young newbies who've just come out and gone mad, the oldies who stand around saying nothing, just watching like hawks for some fresh meat to come in. The list goes on. Not everyone is like that. Most gay men are just normal. But because a lot of openly gay men can be loud and camp they overshadow everyone else in the room. I hate that 'look at me' attitude. Maybe I'm goin to the wrong places. People assume gay = camp. And all gay men will sleep with anyone or anything, we like the colour pink and our favourite music is madonna and kylie. We pluck our eyebrows and are clean and tidy.

I heard a woman at work arranging a 'girls only' weekend to France. "Barry and Dave will be coming mind you" she said "but they are gay so it's ok. It'll be great because gay men are really tidy and they can keep the place clean". All the other women agreed with her.

The stereotype is a bind as far as I'm concerned.

God I sound like a real moaning mini in this post dont I?.

Someone bet me £20 to grow a beard or moustache for movember. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I dont mind other people with them but I'd look a tit with a tash. I prefer the smooth thing. Even though I hate shaving. Look! I'm back to moaning again.

I just remembered why I started this Blog in the first place. To moan. So it's ok I suppose.

When it was Halloween I had trick or treaters, after that I had penny for the guy (if you live outside the uk and have no idea what that is look up guy fawkes on Wikipedia) but it's not been so good this year.

I don't mind when little kids are knocking on my door asking for sweets or money with mum or dad in tow. Thats funny. I remember i used to get one little girl who looked about three or four and she would piss herself laughing when I pretended to be scared at her ghost outfit. She wasnt bothered about candy or cash. She just wanted to scare people and laugh. But on both occasions this year they were teenagers (14 or 15) and they made no effort to dress up or try. They just stuck their hands out when I opened the door. If I'm honest I think i was probably being mugged but thought nothing of it because of the time of year.

Ive got an iPhone 5 and bought a new holder for it to use in the car. This holder doesn't cover the camera lens at the back so I can press record and film whilst I drive along. It's a bit childish and kid like I know, but I filmed my journey when i was out at work this morning and then watched it back when I go home tonight. How pathetic is that?. I was laughing at myself for doing it. I feel like inspector gadget

It was a good picture though. LOL

Right that's it for now, time to get my glad rags on. I'm out on the razz and I think I might have a promise on for later ;-)


naturgesetz said...

Nice scenery.

LOL at getting mugged.

naturgesetz said...

BTW It just occurs to me that "Moan moan moan" could have been something else. Glad it wasn't.

Mind Of Mine said...

Welcome back.

Do you mind if I ask, where is it in Manchester's Village that you go to. I am a G.A.Y, Thompsons and Cruz guy.

drew said...

My God two in a row. Your on a roll, keep it up! It's your blog moan all you want. I make sure I am not home for trick or treat. We usually have a hundred kids (not kidding) in an evening. I would rather dump all the candy in a big bowl out front and let them have at it! I just don't like getting up and down so much (ok I am 59). Also, dog goes to the door with me and he wants to see the kids. No, I'll leave that work to Michael!! Find another venue to find gay guys. How about coffee shops. Are they popular in your area? Have a good one!