Saturday, 10 November 2012

Worked out a lot this week

I have an app on my phone called sleep cycle. When I go to bed I turn it on and stick my phone on the bed under the sheets. It monitors movement and how well you slept and is supposed to wake you up in a more refreshing way. It doesn't really. Ive always hated getting up in the morning and this is no help whatsoever. But the best thing about it is the Info it gathers about your sleep and the graphs it produces.

You can input sleep notes before you set it and then it will show how things effects your sleep pattern.

In this graph you will see the effects of 'worked out' on my sleep. I should point out that 'worked out' is my abbreviated code words for 'wanking myself off before I go to sleep'. And this takes place practically every night. Lol.

But the others are real. Interesting how alcohols works isn't it? And look how much sleep I get at he weekend after a good night out. Getting up in the afternoon has got to stop though I think. My weekends are turning into bed and booze



drew said...

Do you feel like the sleep you get after a big night out is really the quality of a regular night sleep. I find I sleep longer but not better. The next night after the big night I sleep a lot better. Interesting info.

naturgesetz said...

Interesting pics.

I'm not sure exactly how it determines quality of sleep, but taking it for granted that there's something to it, it does seem that the main thing is to shift some of those Friday and Saturday hours to Sunday. I don't want you neglecting us, so I won't suggest cutting back on the computer, but perhaps fewer power naps would also be good — or do you need them to stay awake until bedtime?

Jason said...

I used to use that app too, it does make interesting viewing for sure. Then I tried the sleep talking one, which records all the sounds you make while sleeping....some of mine are pretty funny. I sometimes talk in my sleep, although an ex pointed out it was more than talking, it was reciting shopping lists, at the time I never believed him, but you know thanks to that app, I now know it's true.

Have a great week. x

Michael said...

I wake up feeling groggy, but after about half hour I feel fine


Thanks dad, get to bed early son. Lol I think it monitors how much you move around in your sleep. If you move less i assume it thinks you have slept better

I tried that app as well. Silence. Nothing. I must sleep like a log. I've been told by others that I don't make a sound when I'm asleep. Not even a snore. Which is good to know. But annoying when you've just spend 69p on an an app to listen to yourself