Monday, 12 November 2012

Interesting text

Had a weird text message from a female friend today. it came 4 hours ago but I missed it.

"hiya Michael. I've a bit of a delema and not sure what to do. I found an email on my Facebook last night from Jacks ex"

Jack is Daniels new boyfriend by the way.

It had been send last month but was In a different tab on my inbox so I hadn't seen it. It's not written in a nasty way, more out of concern for Daniel. Can I forward it to you to have a read? And see weather he should see it ?. I know Daniel is smitten and I don't want to burst his bubble but I also don't want him to get hurt. The weird thing is that just before I found this email I had seen a comment jack had written on a photograph to one of Daniels exes and I thought it was a really harsh thing to say considering that comment was left over a year ago when they were together.

I don't know if he has message anyone else or weather he just pullled my name off a comment I made to one of his photos or something"

I text her back to send me a copy to look at but she was at work and cant send it till later.

I'm intrigued.



naturgesetz said...

Once you know what the e-mail actually says, as well as Jack's comment to Daniel's ex, you get to decide whether it's important enough to inform Daniel.

When things aren't too big, maybe it's best to let people find out for themselves. Without knowing the contents of either, the fact that Jack is writing comments on things from a year ago seems more of a concern than Jack's ex sending an e-mail.

Mind Of Mine said...

I am intrigued, make sure that you keep us updated.