Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Stirring it.

So the email that was sent to my friend Victoria was from Jacks ex. She sent a copy to me and asked me to let her know what she should do,

In it He said that he had actually been with Jack for a few years and only split with him because of his lies and "mind games". That he had been sleeping around behind his back and playing him off with others.

It wasn't really a nasty message, in fact it was a bit pathetic to be honest. With lines like " I suppose you're wondering why I didn't just leave him at this point, but I loved him and thought I could make it work" and "I'm only doing this because I don't want someone else to get hurt like me, please be careful with him, he's not a nice person"

The only bad bit was when he said that jack could be violent. But according to Daniel. The reason they split up in the first place was because this guy was supposed to have been violent towards jack.

For starters, why has he contacted her and not Daniel?. Secondly, how do we know he hasn't messaged Daniel?

Anyway I'm not getting involved in some stranger trying to stir it for them. I told her not to answer this message and block him. I will have a discrete word with Daniel that his boyfriends ex has contacted her and leave it at that. Don't wanna make a scene. Best to ignore people like that. Bu he should know about it.

He seems a nice enough guy and they seem happy together so let them get on with it.

In other news... I laughed at an article on the web that had a picture of boxer David Haye showing his arse. Talk about people finding fault with anything. Someone wrote underneath "his elbows are too pointy" eh?



naturgesetz said...

I agree with you that Daniel should know about it, so I think you are right to tell him. That way, Daniel will be alert for signs of trouble, and relieved if there are none.

I think you're also right not to reply to the ex and to advise Victoria not to. No sense in becoming directly involved in something that isn't your concern.

drew said...

The trials and tribulations of life. I agree with how you are going to handle it. Daniel has a good friend in you!!