Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Shitty fan


The shit seems to have hit the fan today. I spoke to Daniel last night and sent him a copy of the email and we talked a bit about it. It's was no big deal and he didn't seem all that bothered. He knew immediately who I was talking about and just said, oh he's a nutter, Jack has told me all about him. I said that Victoria was a bit worried and didn't know whether to say anything about it but he said he would text her that it was fine and we left it there.

Until this morning.

I got a text message from Victoria first thing saying " what the hell have you said?. Jack has gone mental on Facebook!!!". When I logged on to see what she meant I was shocked to read post after post of threats to this guy. "I'm fuming. Robert G******, youve messed with the wrong person this time you F****ing C***t. You've been trying to stir it with my Daniel and his friends and I'm gonna make you pay. Sleep with one eye open from now on because I'm not gonna take this lying down you F*****....." Well you get the idea.

A couple of our mates had contacted Daniel to ask if he was alright but he'd replied, yes fine. So I rang him and asked what he hell was going on. Does this guy know that all Daniels friends and family are reading this shit?. Including Victoria who thinks she's started world war three.

But the silly sod just defended him " he had a bad time with this guy and he's not happy with him, just knock him off your Facebook if you don't like what he's putting, it'll be fine".

Oh great!. That will go down well. I'll unfriend your boyfriend, I'm sure he'll be happy with that. Suddenly my whole perception of this guy has changed. These aren't the rantings of a battered boyfriend. He sounds like a bloody nutter. It wasn't just one post either, it's been going on all day and to make things worse, his mates (who I don't know) seem to be encouraging him with comments and likes. "Go get him jack, I like to see a bit of blood spilt every now and then". Bloody hell ! I don't like his mates either now.

What I can't understand is how this guy will see these posts anyway. Is he in his friends list?. I don't believe there is anything wrong with twitter or Facebook. It's people who use it that spoil it and its idiots like this who like to vent their spleen all over it for everyone to see that I can not stand. A bit Like the ones who post depressing "I'm so unhappy please love me" type posts or shite like that. (Usually

I haven't unfriended him because I wanna keep an eye on this guy. I was a bit pissed with Daniel when he said that. "Just knock him off?". What I expected was a short email from jack to Victoria saying something like 'sorry about my ex, ignore him you won't hear from him again I promise' and then carry on as if he didn't exist. acknowledgment to Victoria post after post pf rantings about it and "knock him off your Facebook if you don't like it"

Im staying out of it but im feeling a bit pissed off if I'm honest.



naturgesetz said...

I'd be seriously worried about this guy, but there's nothing to do for it now. You've done all you can, and good on you for that. It doesn't feel good having to stand aside as trouble may be approaching, but hopefully Daniel can see if things start to go bad and take care of himself.

Jason said...

Of course you know that it is illegal to threaten someone, even on Facebook or Twitter etc, comes under malicious communication, usually a fine sometimes a custodial sentence. Worth keeping in mind if things develop.

Vilges Suola said...

People watch too much Coronation Street and Emmerdale and start bloody sounding like them. Nice to see you back, Michael. Only just found you again.