Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vitamin C

Started with a bit of a sore throat this afternoon. But by this evening It's as if I've been gargling with razor blades. I feel the onset of a cold heading my way. "Vitamin C" said my mum. Have you got any oranges?.

No. So it's tablets the size of a torpedo in 1000mg form. Lets see if that dampens it down a bit.

No word from Daniel, he hasn't rung me and I haven't rung him. I've decided to see if he will. It's always me picking up the phone so let's see what happens if I don't. How many days before he remembers I exist?.

I can following him on Facebook mind you------ Jack to Daniel.- 'morning lover'......Daniel to Jack - 'Morning tiger'.....blurrrrgh! I think I might be sick.

There is an election for a local crime commissioner today. We've never had one before so this is all new. I have had my poll card delivered but I nearly threw it in the bin last night because i have absolutely no bloody idea who is up for it. I've had nothing through the post, no one at the door and seen bugger all on the telly. To find out who the candidates are I've got to go to a web site called and read up about them......As if...




Jason said...

Sorry you're a bit poorly at the moment. Vitamin C will help a little as will Vitamin D but just as much of a dose of 'me' time, so indulge on something that you really do enjoy, just for you.

The election for the police whatsname is a bit pathetic if you ask me, nothing other than poll cards have come here either. It really is a pile of shit, it means very little, its supposed to be non political yet looking on that site, almost all those standing are from a political party. Plus its costing around £100 million or so the media says, which at a time like this is such a waste of cash..... Oh sorry, nearly got on a rant then. get well soon! x

naturgesetz said...

I always recommend echinacea when you feel something coming on. Six capsules a day for three or four days is usually enough for me.

Don't be too stubborn with Daniel. If you're the one who usually calls, he'll be waiting for you. No need for this to become a battle of wills.

drew said...

It seems every time you inject yourself into something to help someone it turns to shit. Well, you have known Daniel a long time so don't let this come between you all. How about taking a big drink of whisky. Kills are the germs!! ;-)