Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Feeling a bit better today, back to work. Thanks for all your well wishes and comments.

Only the odd person mentioned anything about it at work. Hardly anyone asked if I was ok or feeling better. So thanks for that everyone.

I don't take time off work unless I really have to but this place doesn't exactly encourage you to drag yourself in when you feel unwell. There's no such thing as light duties or sympathy. If you turned up for work with a leg missing you'd still be expected to do the same amount of work as before. Maybe that's why most people are off sick even if its just a sore throat and a tickly cough. Even though I was genuinely sick. It was a clincher when judging whether to get out of bed on Friday morning.

Saying that I was bored stiff at home. I slept most of the time but in between consciousness I had the radio on. Radio is shit in the morning. No one plays music any more. Radio one has 'grimmy' waffling on about his celebrity mates. Radio two has Chris Evans telling us all about how much he's gonna spend buying James Bonds car and then raffling off (for charity) a formula one weekend for other multi millionaire listeners who might be listening in "the current bid is now £150,000 , your gonna have to top that if you wanna be in with a chance for this fantastic experience".....F*** off!!! I don't wanna hear that sort of thing mate. Half the country is skint so stop rubbing it in you idiot.

Telly is shite as well but I'm surprised how many gay people are on daytime telly. A certain type of gay man though. Either high camp and Jolly or acid queen nasty. Every 'come dine with me' always seems to have one or the other.

At one point I was just sat in a trance not really watching it. I may as well have been staring at a speck of dust on a wall. Then I realised I was watching CBeebies for young kids (also seeming to feature lots of gay men by the way). Children's telly can be much better to watch when your sick. Less taxing and annoying. Just pretty colours and bright pictures.


Anonymous said...

Mambam I have one question. Your profile back than did tell us that you were 24yo and now you are 22? And the pick of a shirteless man were you or not, because were hot.

Michael said...

Hi there anonymous thanks for your comment. I never even noticed my profile. It's been there for so long I never thought of updating it. I don't even live in Manchester any more either. Although my family do. So that needs to go as we'll.
Yes, sadly I am no longer 22. This blog has been going longer than I thought.
I've deleted that bit. Also for your information. I don't disclose to much info about myself on here because its a diary and the Internet is full of nutters. Over the years I've had everything from Pervs sending me dodgy messages to homophobes wanting to chop my nuts off.
Thanks for the heads up though mate.

Mind Of Mine said...

Have you ever seen the episode of Come Dine With Me with Stuart from Manchester, who just reconfirmed the nasty queen stereotype. I don't normally get on soap box, but he was an embarrassment to us.

He runs a bar in the Village.

naturgesetz said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Gay men on chidren's TV … maybe they were right about Tinky Winky after all. LOL

drew said...

Glad you are well. Been out of town.

drew said...

Come on back!!