Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Had a really long day today. I nearly didn't post anything in fact. In 10 minutes time i'll be in bed hard on. That's a northern expression by the way for been fast asleep. Nothing sexual, i'm too tired for that, well maybe a quickie just to send me off to sleep.
Day two of my new job and it's heads down, and zone in on the work at hand. Actually the day flys by when you are busy, but it's mentally tiring. Driving for two hours a day doesn't help.
On my way home tonight i saw a guy in the next lane shouting into a blue tooth headset. No idea what he was saying but whoever was on the other end was getting it, i know how he feels.

I'm not a fan of driving, maybe if i had a big flash car it would be ok, but sitting in my smelly little banger isn't the same. Turning the heater up when it gets cold, then having to turn it down again 60 seconds later because it's suddenly like a sauna. CDs all over the passenger seat and almost crashing the car searching for a mint in the glove box. white van man driving up my arse and some toss pot overtaking on the inside or pulling into a space you are keeping in front of you to keep your distance from the driver in front. Traffic jams for what seems to be no reason whatsoever. One minute your at a standstill, the next minute we all start moving again. No traffic lights or roadworks, just nothing in front. Why did we stop and get all jammed up like that ?

Huge advertisement posters that have half naked models on them to distract you from the road and almost drive up the arse of the car in front. and even though it's a new journey i have done that thing where you seem to go on automatic pilot for certain parts of the drive.
I must have gone over that flyover but i don't remember it. My mind was somewhere else and i just sort of did. Scary really.

I can't see me doing this for long. I'm moving closer to work one way or another.


vilges suola said...

Never heard 'hard on' for asleep - must be because I'm from the other side of the Pennines. In Huddersfield they say 'fast off', as in 'I never felt that earthquake when we were on us ollerdies, I were fast off, me.'

Presumably the stress in 'hard ON' to mean asleep, not 'HARD on' as in stiffy?

naturgesetz said...

All that stuff about driving sounds familiar. The bit about people cutting into the space you've been leaving between you and the vehicle ahead is really annoying.

My theory about the slowdowns for no reason is that they are caused by people who are driving in the passing lane until they get to their exit. To get to the exit they have to slow down until there is a gap in the lane beside them. And the heavier the traffic, the harder it is to change lanes, and the more they slow down. And when they slow down, everybody behind them has to too.If they'd just move to the exit lane sooner, the problem could be avoided.

Anonymous said...

You're not going over the M62 are you? If so, do take special care in ice and fog. So, as the song said, 'keep your mind on your driving, and your hands on the wheel, keep your beady eyes on the road ahead...' (Never mind the bit about 'we're having fun, sitting on the back seat, kissing and a hugging with Fred).Take care - Peter-D.

Mambam said...

I haven't heard `fast off` before, but i think `hard on` comes from an abbreviation of `Hard and fast asleep` fast asleep as in being out the second your head hits the pillow, and hard as in being unconcious to the world in a deep sleep.
This is a bit like QI isn't it ?. the only difference being i have no idea what i am talking about and this could all be bollocks.
for all i know i might be just something my dad says and it stuck.

I agree, i see lots of them bastards. Usually in suits with flash cars.

Peter D
I am trying both M62 or over the tops through Denshaw. Depending on the weather i think the moors journey might be out of the question during winter. Which song is that ?.
Talking Heads Road to nowhere sounds more relevent

Anonymous said...

Re the song - I've asked around but it is so old, Michael, nobody can remember. You'll have to ask your mum or next time you visit a retirement home! If I get a result I'll let you know as it's got me thinking now. Take care - Peter-D.