Saturday, 17 October 2009


It's 8.30 on a Saturday and i'm still not out yet. Unusual for me, i'm waiting for Daniel to come round. He's having a pow wow with Howard and won't be round till after the X Factor (bloody rubbish). But that isn't over till ten o'clock so sod that, i'm gonna meet him somewhere. He came home pissed last night and they made up (surprise surprise) a few drinks and Daniel gets all lovey.

I saw Ian today and he said that Steve was asking about me. He said that if we were out tonight we should try meet up with them. I said i couldn't cos i'm out with Daniel. Knowing full well that i will be steering Daniel towards this particular pub when i eventually drink far to much to control myself.

The neighbour from hell was sitting outside having a fag when i came home, we didn't speak as usual, just giving each other the evil eye, then his wife opened the door, whacked him on the head with a tray and shut the door again like nothing happened.
I was pissing myself laughing as i got into my flat. I love her and hate him.

Right, that's it for now, drinkies on the menu ....;-)

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Allen said...

Wow and I thought I was the only one that had problems with neighbors. guess not