Monday, 19 October 2009

Consumer advice

Posting is gonna be a bit intermittent with this blog for a few weeks. It's full steam ahead on moving to my new house.
The most important thing for me is the Internet and telly. But unfortunately this bloody house has no frigging phone line. Apparently the previous owner had cable fitted so when BT came to replace the line for everyone down the street they didn't bother with this house.
This means i must change my Internet connection to Virgin or pay £120 to have a new line connected (10 days) then have my current AOL net switch over (another 10 days)
Virgin can turn me on new Thursday and are cheaper. So why am i bothered ?. Well you get used to what you know don't you ?. I sort of like AOL. and i also like the option of having a BT line should i want to swap over (we have BT Broadband at work and i think it's shit).
Anyone know if Virgin are any good ?, would you switch ?.

I am trying to recruit Daniel into helping me. I need someone who is handy with a paint brush or at least a sweeping brush. At the moment he's having none of it. Bribery and corruption are needed here. I have a photograph of him pretending to kiss another fella on Friday night, i'm sure Howard would like to see it. I hope i don't accidentally send it to him (LOL). I wouldn't of course but i keep waving in front of Daniel as i ask him if he'll come over the odd night and splash paint around with me.

I had a call from an anonymous person on my mobile today. I didn't manage to get to it quick enough so it rang off. I didn't recognise the number so rang back.
'what did you want ?' i said "nothing it was a wrong number, now fuck off !" came the reply before cutting me off. Charming.

Got a text message from Steve whilst i was out on Saturday night, it read "Meet me at 2 o'clock, i'm feeling horny and wanna fuck someones brains out". I assume he was pissed because Horny was spelt "huny" and fuck was spelt "fulck". I didn't meet him at 2 o'clock because (A) he forgot to mention where he was, and (B) it was twenty past three when i got it.


Anonymous said...

I was starting to worry - no posts since Saturday night! Mambam sold into sexual slavery? Arrested in porn raid? Good to hear you're okay, house move and all. You've moved fast and getting your connection is more imporant than half a dozen cans of Dulux ultra white. Take care - Peter-D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael. Just to let you know your blog crashed for a time this morning (23 Oct) along with my work blog and I found out on-line many others. All seem to be back up and running now, in case you were worried, obviously a glitch in the system somewhere. Take care - Peter-D.

Mambam said...

It just shows how much i have been online recently Peter. I never even noticed.
Thanks for letting me know though. I'll see you the other side of my house move.