Friday, 16 October 2009

Missing Post

I didn’t post yesterday for the first time since I started this blog.
It’s not like nothing happened, I just didn’t have time to blog about it that's all.

After work I went for a meal with a couple of people I work with and then I met my dad to have a look around my new house (yes I’ve decided to buy it) and get my head around the idea that I’m gonna have to pick up a paint brush at some point when it eventually becomes mine officially and do a bit of work fixing it up.
I’m ok at the moment, but when this happens I think I will have to suspend this blog for a month or so, at least until I have time to write stuff on a more regular basis. I don’t see the point in a Diary or blog if it’s done half arsed. It’s either on or off.
I’ll be honest, my priorities are probably all wrong anyway. Until I get the Internet and Sky TV fitted I’m not moving anywhere. I don’t care if the walls and floors are falling in as long as I have my computer and can get on the web. It can look like a palace, but if I don’t have a telly I’m staying where I am LOL.
Anyway for now and for tonight I’m back in my little flat getting ready for a blast around Mancs.

No Howard, just me and Daniel, (they are still not talking) so it will be like old times. I’m sick of taking safety precautions by carrying a small selection of condoms, only to wake up next morning and finding them still in the packet all squashed and unused in a scrunched up pile of Bank notes and loose change on my bedside table because I haven’t found any one to use them on.
I’m on the prowl tonight. Cruising for some fun. One last blast before I join the rat race and have a mortgage wrapped around my shoulders.
I invited Ryan over for a night out if he was interested, the boys on Canal Street would have loved him. He just blushed and said no thanks. I don’t think he has been out of Halifax before. A night in the Big City would probably turn his head.
In fact if you saw him you would agree it would be him that would be turning heads. Fuck me he’s fit.
He doesn’t even go drinking in his own town, so travelling over here is off. Perhaps it’s for the better. If he had any idea how attractive he was he’d probably get all cocky and disappear up his own arse.
Best keep him in the dark about it all. Saying that, he would be the type of guy you would want to keep the lights on with.
I must stop this line of thought, he’s not gay, he’s 17 and I just work with him.

Anyways in 60 minutes time I will be in a pub enjoying myself. So time to get off.
Have a nice weekend all. Don’t do anyone I wouldn’t do.


vilges suola said...

Last blast, my arse, Michael. You have a lot of blasts before you. Buying a house does not mean you immediately put on tweedy clothes, a trilby and driving gloves. I do believe home owners get some cock evry now and then.

Anonymous said...

Good to read things are starting to work out for you. Have a great weekend - Peter-D.