Monday, 5 October 2009


I have been asked to leave. No point in working to the end of the week
"i would prefer it if you fucked off now mate". Charming!. I'm happy though, as long as i'm paid till the end of the week i don't care.
I rang the new place straight away and asked them if they wanted me sooner, he said it would be best if i waited until next week to start (Monday). So that means i have a paid week off.
Hurrah !
Now i know that means i should probably been sorting things and getting ready for next week, But balls to all that. Next week will be when i'm up to my eyes in it. This week is party time.
I have had the afternoon off and am bored sitting in already.
What dirty deeds can i get up to tonight ?.


Anonymous said...

There you are!

Almost exactly what you wanted - you must be over the moon! (uh)

vilges suola said...

What a totally graceless cunt your ex-boss sounds. Anyway, you are out of that now. have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what happened when you met the wife of the Boss from Hell, so now you've got a week off. What a useless pair they sound. BTW I thought you were off sex (yesterday) - what a fickle lad you are...Have fun, keep us posted and take care - Peter-D.

Mambam said...

Yes i think i am, relief is a better word

there is that C word again. But i can't think of a better way to describe him

Fickle i am, i'm never off sex for long ;-)