Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Having it off

I think i could really get into this not working lark.
I got up at 1pm today and i feel all refreshed. I have a week off but nothing planned. This is when Jack would have come in handy. As it is, its me cummin in my own handy.

Daytime TV is shit so there is no point in staying in. I'm not doing up my house, cooking or wanting to sell antiques so i don't see anything worth watching.
I have decided to go out this afternoon. I'm gonna visit everyone in know and like by tonight, whether they are in or not. I'm sure they won't like it because i never do when someone turns up unannounced, but i'm only popping in to say hello.
Ian will be around this afternoon (he doesn't work) so i'll go there first.
I just hope none of his druggy friends are around again. If i hadn't been so lazy i could have met Rachel for lunch, but i was in the land of nod. Sometimes bed is a wonderful place. If it's cold out and raining outside and your warm and snuggled up in bed drifting in and out of consciousness it's bliss.
I never want to go to bed at night, but when it's morning i never wanna get up.
How these people manage to wake up and get up almost instantly is beyond me. I could get up, have a shower, dress and have breakfast. And still climb back into bed and go to sleep.

I once tried jumping out of bed as soon as the alarm went off. I was nearly sick. i felt terrible. i had to have a lie down again just to get my balance back LOL.
Anyways i'm rambling now.
Off to Ians....Laters everyone.


Fer said...

Well, your mood seems to have changed, glad you´re taking the time off to get some rest and having a good time, get your batteries charged and smile at life a bit, who cares what tomorrow will bring, today you go and enjoy. Have a great day with your friends and don´t look back.

Antony said...

Congratulations on the job. I am playing catch up not logged on for a while.

I for one will miss you (hope you will still blog?), even though I never met you it was kindof nice to think of having an ace and attractive bloke like u in manchester.

I'm sure this move will bring lots of positive changes,


A x x