Thursday, 1 October 2009

The secrets out

Spoke to Daniel and Howard last night over a couple of pints. Howard was very positive and happy for me, but i thought Daniel spent most of the time pointing out the down side of things.
But that's him all over. If you are on your arse Daniel can be a brilliant person to have around, he can be really positive and point out all the good things in your life, make you feel good about yourself and steer you in the right direction by getting you up off the floor. But when you have made up your mind and have a positive thing you are gonna do, he goes the other way and points out all the things you should be careful of. He's negative when you are positive and positive when you are negative. It's fucking annoying sometimes.
I spoke to the boss today about leaving. It went down like a lead balloon. "Oh Fucking brilliant! Thank you very much!, that really helps that does" was the reply. I'm not sure i will last the end of the week. The guy has been a real tosser today and i don't get the impression i will be taking any kind of reference with me anyway.
His wife wasn't in today so she will find out tonight when he gets home i assume. I work with her more than him so i wonder how she's gonna be tomorrow ?.


Anonymous said...

Your boss's attitude sums up what a total arsehole he has been while you were employed there. Why can't people just accept you want to move on, pat you on your back and send you on your way, with a Good- luck included. Sorry you have had a couple of downers in the last days. Keep your head up, it's your life, Michael...Take care - Petet-D.

vilges suola said...

Absolutely right, Anonymous. The boss sounds like a complete mega-twat. People move on - where is he living, the 19th century? You are well out of that set-up, Michael.

Paul said...

You've had some concerns about the safety of your job, so it's hardly surprising you've looked elsewhere. Point out to them that you've saved them some cash. And possibly avoided them making someone redundant.

drew said...

Some employers (asses that they are) will discharge you when they hear you are leaving. If that happens so be it. You did your part. They did not. All the more reason to make you feel better about your decision. As far as Daniel goes, he is jealous. He can help you out when you are down but he doesn't want you to rise but so far. I would just accept that this is his nature and go on. Everyone can't be perfect like us !! :)