Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day in the Sun

It's been another really nice sunny day today. As i type this it's 26c (80f)on my weather station (lol i sound like me dad).

Actually that's not really a good thing when you're trying to recover from a hangover. I had a bit too much to drink last night. It's amazing how you can get out of the swing of things. I must have more or less dried out over the last few weeks. No drink at all for that length of time meant i wasn't used to it.

After two i was blotto. I ended up snogging a stranger i've never seen before or since. But he tasted nice and his lips were like a juicy orange. Yum. Then he was gone. Daniel said i need to be careful. "you never know who's bum he's been licking" was his advice. LOL.

Anyway to help recover i thought i would do the gardening... or should i say.. cut the grass. That's about the extent of my gardening skills. It's a bit like vacuuming round, only you do it outside. The downside being that you have to find somewhere to throw the cuttings afterwards. Last time i did it i threw all the shit in the corner at the back, but today as i cut the grass around this pile of rotting crap i noticed it move. A rat or something had built a nest in the middle of a nice warm pile of dried old grass cuttings and i was disturbing it. I nearly shit myself. and had to chase it off with a stick. So from now on the crap goes in the back of my car and straight to the tip.

When i finished i got the sun lounger out, a bottle of Bud 66, some sun lotion and stripped down to my shorts for a nice relaxing afternoon in the fresh air. But the bloody neighbours three doors down had other idea. They have about three kids of their own and must have invited more round to enjoy some sort of blow up paddling pool. To top it off they stuck some speakers outta the window and played music loudly.
The music wasn't really that much of a problem because the sound of kids screaming at the top of their voices, as if someone was trying to murder them, drown out the sound of Lady Ga Ga quite well.
Then they started a barbecue as well so the smell of burning sausages drifter over. The fuckers!!!!.

In the end i went back inside again. But sitting in the sun isn't good for me anyway. It's like kryptonite is to superman. I feel drained if i sit in it too long. And i'm all tired and crap afterwards.

I spoke to an Auntie the other night about that holiday. She works for a travel agent and told me that she could look up some late deals if i wanted. It would have to be a last minute thing and i might not get a choice of where i wanted to go, but it would be cheap and she promised to find somewhere good and in my price range... Mmmmmm. It's all sounding like a good idea. Even my dad suggested i "get myself off". I've mentioned it to Daniel who will beg steal and borrow what he can, but until she comes up with something neither of us can say yes or no.

Going to see dad again tomorrow. He looks like crap and has lost loads of weight. But at least he's heading in the right direction. Weeks ago he was only going one way, down!. Now we have our fingers crossed that were are in the elevator marked up.


drew said...

I had to google snogging.. never heard of that term. Glad you enjoyed yourself last night minus the hangover. Where (in general terms) are you thinking about going?

Jason Shaw said...

Welcome back and loads of good wishes and vibes for your dad.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and get out some more in the sun, tan that body.

racketkid38 said...

nice body dude

david said...

Even my dad suggested i "get myself off".

i had to laugh... if my father told me to get myself off id prolly swallow my face....

rats are nasty.. i was waiting for the traffic light to change walking to the gym the other evening, and a rat ran past my feet... ewwwww!!!!
flying roaches are prolly worse... just sayin...

~ cheers...

ps.. danny is funny....

Vilges Suola said...

Nice to see you back, flower.

TanmanC said...

is that your body? cuz if it is you are smoking hot! and im guessin u prolly are any ways cuz of the pic on the ryte side.

Well anyways, im drooling now.

Nice post

good luck avoiding the evil sun

Anonymous said...

Glad your dad's on the mend.

Glad you've retained your irascible sense of humour.

I need a break too and a fit young man to carry my bags for me.

See you at Heathrow.