Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Do It yourself

Someone gave me an old in-car phone holder for my I-Pod last week. I used it for about three days and it seemed to break for no reason. Whenever i tried sticking my I-pod in it, it flops down and rattles about, so tonight i thought would try to fix it.
I spend half an hour with a screwdriver pulling it apart only to find that a bit of plastic had broken inside.
But, no problem, the genius that is Mambam rummaged through his man draw to find a small tube of super glue. I put a dab on one end and held the bits together for a while before leaving it to dry.

10 minutes later i came back to find that i super glued it to my kitchen tiles on the windowsill .There must have been a hole in the plastic and the glue ran through the center and blobbed onto the tile i had it sitting on.

How to get it off ?. I have no tools and it seemed pretty solid. So i stuck a knife under one edge and used a pan as a hammer. That should shift it.!.

And so it did. Taking half the bloody tile with it as well.
Shit !!. I'm no good and do-it-yourself stuff. I need a man for that kind of thing.:-(

Spoke to my Auntie about that holiday. I've told her to come back with anything as long as it's cheap but a good hotel. She's suggested everything from Cuba to Ibiza. But if we wait a bit we might get a cancellation or something.
We are looking at June, It's up to her to come up with the goods now. It's all rather exciting. I know i'm going on holiday, but i don't know where. I hope it's not bleedin' Benidorm.

How weird is google ?. I got a message from someone last night who said they found my blog because they were searching for a song by 3 Doors down called Kryptonite and came across this post. LOL.


naturgesetz said...

If memory serves, Hyacinth, on "Keeping up Appearances," (a hilarious comedy from before your time — except reruns) used to talk about going on holiday in Ibiza. I also think there are spots on the island that are clothing-optional. So you could do worse. Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it a lot.

Too bad about the tile. That sounds like the sort of thing I might do, if I ever attempted to repair anything. But at least you've learned a lesson: when you glue something plastic to tile, take a blowtorch to it and burn it away (being careful not to set fire to anything nearby).

racketkid38 said...

lol nice ass bro

Anonymous said...

nail polish remover....

Anonymous said...

" The Better Life " by 3 Doors Down is one of my favourite albums, download it, it will cheer you up.