Thursday, 25 June 2009

Date or no Date

I always go to pieces in the presence of someone i fancy. If your ugly and i don't particularly care for you we would probably get on great. I feel relaxed, confident and can chat away fine to anyone with the face like the back end of a bus.

But if your pretty and i fancy the pants off you, i get all tong tied and embarrassed. I say stupid things and will at some point or other make a complete arse of myself in such a way that I'll spend the rest of the week thinking about it and cringing.

Jack has this effect on me already. He rang tonight to check if i had given him the right number. We chatted for about an hour. During this hour i managed to show myself up many times. And the more i did it, the worse i got. It was like being in a Ricky Gervais sketch.

Eventually i decided that i had been doing all the talking and perhaps it would be best if i just shut the fuck up and let him speak.

He actually comes from Halifax, where most of his family still live, but he works as a rep for a company South of Manchester and has a house near his works. weekdays he stays there but Weekends he usually goes home for the odd night to keep in touch with friends and family. He wondered though if i would prefer just going for a meal and a drink (on him) to a restaurant he knows on Saturday or Sunday. He will pick me up at home and drop me off afterwards at the end of the night.
'Yeh', i said casually, 'that sounds good'. Inside though, I'm not quite as casual, I'm thinking to myself, Yeeehhh! that sounds fucking brilliant !


Anonymous said...

Now isn't that really weird?

All that worrying you were doing and then he comes out and says he'd rather do something different and he'll pay.

I hope you almost bit his hand off!

naturgesetz said...

Nice that you didn't go to pieces.